Friday, February 15, 2008

Old Man Rose Face

I found this new blog today--it's pretty amazing actually.  I am always finding faces in everything, maybe everyone is.  My whole life I've looked at the outlets and seen little ghosty faces staring back at me.  


jill said...

This blogging thing is going to change my life I can see. I'm learning that I'm not very special. I ALWAYS see faces in everything. The last one I discovered was when I was going to the bathroom, I made a face out in the fake marble on the bathroom floor. There was one face in the curtains in our house on Belhaven. I always thought it looked so evil. I tried and tried to forget that it was there, but I never could, my eyes always went right to it.

JENNIFRO said...

Jill--that is so funny! I'd like to know which curtains. Between finding faces in everything and counting every freaking dash on my alarm clock numbers--trying to make them come out even--it's a wonder I'm not institutionalized.