Friday, March 21, 2008


I almost forgot, one of my best pals turned 40 today.
(that's worth a mention)

This is the guy who set up a truth or dare game so
Nick and I could have our first kiss!

Here's to 20 years of incredible memories! 

                                                   -Laffy Jaffy : )


Jayne Layne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC! I guess that means I have known you for 20 years too! Remember when you painted my toe nails when I was 5 in Jenn's apartment, and when jenn had Jessica call you over so we could Dogpile you? Gt's Gt's

CrazeeAngee said...

You are nice to remember our sweet Eric on your famous blog site. I think he loves you almost as much as he loves me. Good thing we all have each other to keep us young, loved and laughing. Thanks for your friendship to him and me. Pinches!!!

JENNIFRO said...

Well...look who came to the party! Good job ang-gee!

partii said...

GE Happy Birthday bro!! Thanks for the great party, thanks for being a great frien and oh yeah, thanks for hooking me up with Jennfro- that was some DARE!

jill said...

Happy Birthday Egg!

And to think. Without Eggy's great wisdom and foresight none of us would be where we are today.

Good job Egg!!!

eggy said...

Jafro! Thanks for the blog kudos! I just got back from the left coast and saw my 40 year old mug on your blogosphere. Did we have some good times or what? Too bad Nick got sloppy seconds! JK ;)

We need to have a Rock Band and Spin the Bottle party soon! Oh, don't forget, Partii and I are going to Mexico for his 40th...