Friday, March 21, 2008


One day I will do a nice long post on the Haunted Forest that Nick owns with his brothers, but that will be more fun to read about in the fall.  In a nutshell, we've been running a Haunted Forest in the woods for about 14 years now--it is hugely popular in our area, and has been a great addition to their summer camp and outdoor education business.  Nick is REALLY attached to the HF and puts his heart and soul into it each fall--hoping to make it bigger and better than the previous year.  This year at the Haunt Convention he found some fun new toys.

He didn't actually buy this sweet little grandma, but I thought she deserved a photo. She's run by pneumatics and when turned on she spazzes and convulses like nobody's business!  She had a grandpa counterpart in case you were wondering (miserable pair!).

This was a thrilling moment for Nick.  He dreamed this tree guy up last year and one of the vendors made it for him.  It is amazing! It's 15 feet tall.  The person who wears it, fits inside then places the upper part on his back like a back pack--so the person's head is about where the tree's stomach would be. Surprisingly, it is very lightweight. It is incredible to see the thing walk--it will make for some great scares!

We had a great time at the convention--it was almost as fun as Nordstrom (sorry Nick!).  A few hours into it, I needed a little break : ) so my sister picked me up, and we went to the mall. I got some really cute spring dresses and a yummy lunch at Nordstrom cafe.  Thanks Jek!

Here's another great purchase.  This "neckbiter" works like a puppet (your hand goes up it's neck and moves it's head) and looks so lifelike!  I can't even WAIT to take it to my kids school next fall to read Halloween stories.  I'm loving these quick little getaways.  This is like my third one in five months.  I'm convinced this is the way to do it--frequent and fast.  Can't beat it! Good times.


Jayne Layne said...

That is so cool. Really what a cool thing to be a part of.

Jayne Layne said...
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JenAve said...

This is too scary. Jonathon will love to go to the HF.

partii said...

MHF 2008 planning is in the works. As always we plan on bigger and better trails so.......WATCH OUT!

jill said...

What a guy!!