Friday, March 21, 2008

The Guy's on Fire!

Since I last posted pictures of my attic, Nick has completely dry-walled the whole space and found cabinets on Craig's list, installed them and painted them.

I am continually amazed at how strong Nick is (he lifted about 18 of these cabinets up two flights of stairs by himself) and how hard he can push himself, when he's got the bug. He definitely gets this quality from his dad--who is also a work horse in a serious way. Come to think of it, so is his mom. Honestly, my in-laws never tire.

Then, the next morning he installed them all, primed them and gave them two coats of paint. Once he gets going on a project there is no stopping him--it's awesome! When he's in his work mode he only knows one speed....FAST!

P.S. I wish you could see in the picture how cute those windows are. They have triangle panes and are so old fashioned and cute. They're fun to leave open to let in the fresh air (and wasps).


brooke & christian said...

can we please buy a house by you guys so nick can teach christian how to do this stuff? i am SO impressed!

JENNIFRO said...

Maybe you can buy our neighbors house. The ones who want to murder us in our beds. What a wonderful change that would be!

Jayne Layne said...

LUCKY LUCKY! That is going to be so nice! I wish Jon would devote that much to my projects! Nick, are you up for a pep talk?

jill said...

I've seen it, Nick might be fast, but he's also fabulous! Muy Bien mi hermano.