Friday, March 28, 2008

I never do these, but since it came from Rebecca, I'm feeling the pressure. Just kidding!

10 years ago I was...

eye deep in a roadshow. Nicholas was seven months old, and I was asked by the Bishop of our church to be in charge of a big theatrical production for the teenagers at our church. It was a spoof on "Cats" called "Hats." I remember being so intimidated by the project at first, but it ended up being so rewarding and such a BLAST! It was a huge learning experience for me, but I got to work with some really talented people and had such a great time getting to know the youth in our church. Also, I was enjoying my first attempt at motherhood, and loving having the first grandchild on my side of the family. We spent lots of time in Las Vegas with my parents and brothers and sisters. Nick and I had just moved into our first house and were busy doing all kinds of projects and renovations. That was a good time. I remember being happy during this new stage of life--but sad to be done with teaching high school-- I absolutely LOVED that experience.

5 things on my to do list today....

•paint my new work table turquoise in my attic room,
•find Natalie a white dress for her baptism (online, hopefully)
•go to my store and take down all Easter stuff that didn't sell
•oh yeah, get out of bed

If I were a billionaire....

I hope I would share the wealth, like I say I would. I would definitely go to Europe for a summer. Also..I would get an extreme backyard makeover--that would be the FIRST thing I would do! Not to mention new living room furniture.

Jobs I have had...

•Courtesy clerk at Food 4 Less. I was fourteen, weighed 88 lbs and could push 32 HUGE carts,
I was no wimp!
•Big O Tires. That was fun--lots of attention from mechanics--good times for an 18 year old.
•Hostess at Alpine Village Restaurant in Las Vegas--BLAST! Thanks to the great German food, I gained ten pounds and started looking human.
•Receptionist for Food and Beverage at Excalibur Hotel--saw John Stamos--he looked at me--big bangs and all!
•Waitress at Underground Restaurant. Great college job--Nick was a cook there.
•Other college adventures: giving plasma, two days at Cougareat (till I realized there was a hairnet involved, phone surveys, brief acting stint in seminary video (made $400!)
•Valley Mill camp--camp counselor--again, no wimp!
•Bus driver and substitute teacher--low point.
•High School English teacher at Newport School outside of D.C. Best job of all!
•Witch, gypsy, voodoo doll at Haunted Forest
•Overall person in charge of everything at Camp Calleva. That's why it's so successful today.

Honestly, I think I have had the best jobs EVER! I loved them all, except for the time Jill Mikk and I donned plastic shower caps and worked at Sunrider filling mini vials with menthol alongside the mentally challenged. Or the time I worked as a runner in downtown Las Vegas (I have a directional disability) and they fired me after two days.

Things most people do not know about me...

•I have always had horrible calluses on my feet.
•I would secretly love to be a broadway star, or a famous actress.
•I made first cuts to Les Miserables in Washington D.C. (sad story!)
•I have been kissed by Englebert Humperdink.
•I have an aversion to certain words, pronunciations, and things
spelled wrong on purpose.
•I have freezing feet and rarely go to bed without socks.


The Anthony Family said...

I am so proud of you and so totally impressed. I never give in to the tags either, but ya know! Speaking of baptism dresses...what do you we do with them after the event. I have a gorgeous one that Brooke wore on that one day....maybe we should start passing them through the family. It will never be worn again and it is in perfect condition. Just an idea. We found her dress at storybook heirlooms online. I just tried to look it up and they have closed. That is a bummer since they had the most amazing "baptism" dresses. Let me know what you think!

JENNIFRO said...

Too bad I just ordered one! And spent way too much because I was desperate. You really should save Brooke's. She'll love having it one day. I wish I had more clothes from my childhood. I have a special BIG box for each of my kids, for memory clothes etc.

I'd love to see Brooke's dress!

funkitup said...

Fro, you must of forgotten that Tam and I worked at Sunrider too...she just had a baby girl by the way-Chloe-...anyway, don't you remember that they wanted me to stay on full time because of my great hand dexterity? Scary-Tammy still reminds me of how my life would have turned out...Love you friend and really enjoying your blog. I wish I was as good at keeping it up as you are! Kim-Tang

Jek said...

I loved it when you wore the "Braces are beautiful" pin to work at food for less.

JENNIFRO said...

Kim!! I actually have a perfect picture of Tammy in the shower cap now! I can't believe how bad my memory is, but now I remember we were all there! Can you believe what times we had--so MANY laughs!