Monday, April 28, 2008

Youth Conference

Nick and I were both super involved with Youth Conference this year.  The Friday night kickoff was out at our barn.  It started with a big dinner, games, EFY speaker then into the barn for a fun dance.

This guy did a ton of work cleaning up the barn, stringing lights, and getting it spiffy all the way around.  The kids were so excited to start dancing but once they saw the rock climbing wall it seriously stole the show.  At one point the DJ even said, "come on guys the girls don't care if you can climb--they wanna see you dance."  It was a really fun change from the typical night.

Nick was SUPER proud to show his woman could climb (a hard one BTW)--check me out!  I was feeling some major pressure and was so glad I didn't humiliate myself.  I guess "muscle memory" is a real thing--who knew!  Please tell me I don't look scary in real life.

Nick climbed to the second floor and took this picture--it was a pretty great setting for a dance.

Following the dance, the girls loaded onto a bus and drove to another barn (one that had toilets!) and slept on the floor.  That was pretty much a sleepless night.  All the leaders had some funny moments, though.  Once the girls calmed down and all was quiet, we realized there were bats flying up in the rafters so we couldn't settle in or quit laughing; we were convinced they were going to dive bomb us eventually. Some girl just kept saying, "Come on guys could you please be quiet!"  This got us laughing more--she had no idea it was her leaders making all the noise.  Good times.


partii said...

I (belayer) practically pulled jennifro all the way to the top so she would look good in front of the youth!

Jayne Layne said...

Ha ha, I believe it! Jenn great job that is cool! You know what I am going to say next. I AM SO DEPRESSED! Everything looked great. Well done Nick and Jenn

jill said...

Way to go Jenn! The barn looked fabulous!!! The just added to its glory!

Suzanne said...

Holy Cow, what kind of budget are you working with? That looked so fun, I wish I could have been there just to take notes. Seriously, how did this idea come about with the barn and then to add a climbing wall?

alexis said...

how fun! you guys are that couple that the kids want to be when they grow up. and you looked great up there!