Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seriously Jek, 55 questions? I'll see how far I get.

1. Sad song. Definitely "Forever and Always" Shania. The one Mitch made the video to. It gets me so miserably sad and homesick for everybody every time I hear it.
2. Last purchase. Today: $80 at Whole Foods, four items. $80 at Michaels 200 items.
3. Last argument. Natalie, for sure. "I hate you Mom!" Lo! it's begun.
4. Stuffed animal name. Didn't like those. I preferred dolls. Actually just orphaned ones found on the doorstep that I could rescue from the cold. Same scenario every time. Sorry Jill.
5. Michael Jackson CD. No, record. If you dig up the Betas there's a mean "Beat It" lip sync starring me in all my spastic 10th grade glory.
6. Favorite day of the week. Whatever day has least on the calendar.
7. Piano lessons. Oh yes. Wyla, JuneAnn, John Pulver "play it again, hon, this time with my hand on your knee." melancholy Colin. Too bad I missed out on Sullivan. Sounds like I would've been her favorite.
8. Frequent song played? I'm with John. "It ain't me babe" Me dueting with Joaquin...yes Mitch, I'm STILL at it. Waiting for the day I can perform it with someone, somewhere.
9. Secret TV shows. I don't enjoy any in secret. Ones I secretly DESPISE... anything that has to do with funniest videos...especially the animal ones. HATE!!
10. Favorite scents: peonies, gardenia, lime, campfires, suntan lotion all kinds, Vegas rain, grandma Mitchells house, Grandma Miller's house, anything that takes me back to college like Benetton Colors, Drakkar, Lulu, Design.... my own babies and Johnsons baby lotion--reminds me of mom and Saturday night baths and Heehaw.
11. Date someone younger or older. Both were fun!
12. One place you could travel right now? Europe for sure. Or tropical and gorgeous.
13. Favorite time of day? 9:00 pm "Mine! mine all mine!" (Jane's Addiction song)
14. Do you know National Anthem? Duh!
15. Wearing now? Heinous workout clothes from morning. Sad to say same old IR hat.
17. Did you go to High School Prom? Barely. Only my Senior Prom. Thanks Bill Heffner. Too bad we didn't actually really know each other. Desperados. Good job mom on that sweet pink ruffly dress!
18. Perfect time to wake up? In a dream world--8:00. 7:00 to get exercise done.
19. Perfect bed time? 11:00-12:00.
20. Favorite soda. Coke from the can with ice. Rarely drink it.
21. Car accident? Do I DARE say never? Never.
22. Closer to mom or dad? Neither. They're both stinkin 2000 miles away.
23. Who would you want on a deserted island? Sawyer, Jack and Sayid--they could all fight over me.
24. Bungee jumping? No...but willing.
25. Favorite ice cream? Chocolate something.
26. Any high school clothes in closet. No way-- but I'm buying 80's all over again in some ways (minus the Contempo bare midriffs) thank you very much.
27. Did you play high school sports? Ha! Ha! very funny. This was quite a sore spot for Nick when we started dating. He could not FATHOM that I never played sports. What do you go out for at 83 lbs? wrestling, maybe--that's by weight. Add that to my list of regrets.
28. School talent show? Yes with Heather and Desiree Marnell. "Hello my baby, hello my hunny, hello my ragtime gal!"
29. Allergies? Something WICKED early summer, can't name it.
30. Have you watched Sex in the City? Once in a Baltimore hotel.
31. Fun place you lived. Richmond Apartments, Provo UT. Life changing.
32. Do you shampoo first in the shower of soap? Rarely shampoo. Sorry, I have my reasons.
33. Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with toothbrush? Seriously, nobody brushes dry.
34. Blue or black ink? BLACK!
35. Have you ever gambled at a casino? Only slots. I did see "Men of Paradise" though (braces hidden of course). Sorry Ma!
36. Puked on a plane. Never.
37. Puked in a car. No, but I did throw up once after a ride at Magic Mountain. We were hanging with the "cool" guys from band, and since I didn't want to miss a second of that experience, I puked in my hands and flung it in the trash can--all without missing a beat. Where I wiped them I cannot say.
38. Favorite cartoon as a kid? Smurfs, Scooby-Doo and Jetsons.
39. Favorite childhood TV show? Little House on the Prairie to keep it a simple list.
40. Who was you first roommate? Jill, of course.
41. First alcoholic beverage? What was that you used to put in my ba-ba Mom?
42. What was your first car? Sore subject. Well, it was supposed to be a Camaro--thats right! Dad spent a day looking at some beauties at the car lot with me--getting my hopes REALLY high. And gosh, bless his heart, the next day he surprised me with the Chink--1910 Toyota Corolla. Oh the screams! The tears! Running like only a teenager can to her room to weep.
43. Last movie I saw? "Mostly Martha" German, quite excellent entertainment (really)
44. Age you moved from hometown. 18. BYU bound.
45. First Grade teacher? Mrs. Lindsey. CC Ronnow.
46. First airplane ride. Salt Lake City to see Melissa the summer of my junior year in HS.
47. Who were you with the first time you snuck out? Jill Mikkelson, Ryan Hornbuckle and Travis Brady-I'm pretty sure. But it might have been Paul Anderson, Brock and Jill Mikk--not positive. That downstairs bathroom window was a tight squeeze and REAL hard to climb back into. That kept me from doing it much. That, and Mom's BIONIC ears!
48. First best friend. Amber Kahle. What a gal. Still friends.
49. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day. Valli. or Steve, if he answers.
50. First wedding that I was a bridesmaid? Amber's I think.
51. First thing I do in the morning. "Nick? Nick? Could you...." (I'll think of something)
52. Concerts? Depeche Mode and OMD in Pasadena--it doesn't get better than that! One of my best summer memories EVER! Too hard to remember others this time of night. Erasure at Park City was sweet.
53. First tattoo or piercing. The only tattoo I've ever considered is getting Fatty to put a sexy mole on my cheek, but I'm afraid it'll look green. Grandma took me to get my ears pierced at eight. She loved me.
54. First celebrity crush. Without question John Travolta. Pretty odd to think I was actually shedding serious tears on my pillow over him in the house on MaryAnn. That would've made me seven. I did have a very real dream about Stevie Wonder one time. I deeply loved him for a few weeks after that and still feel funny when I hear "Just Called to Say I Love You."
As a side note: Witnessing JILL'S celebrity crushes were the REAL deal.
55. Nick's question: "So, uh, when are we gonna get that attic done?"


VEGAS VIC said...

Pretty entertaining. Gotta love that guy Pulvert the Pervert.
Did you sneak out our bathroom window?

Jek said...

It's about time!! Loved reading that. How about the letters i used to send you in college? I would spray perfume on them to see if you could smell them when you finally got them. Was that your favorite smell too> NOTHING beats Grandma Miller's basement!

JENNIFRO said...

Hi Mom! The downstairs bathroom window on Belhaven but only about three times. I was pretty scared of you guys.

jill said...

Muy bien!! Thanks for keeping it clean! I REALLY appreciate it. Sorry for dissing you with the Ane M. as my first roomate.

Jayne Layne said...

There you go sis! That was great, I really don't want to think or try to think of you throwing up in your hands! My first thought was...Where did she wipe them??

I still think I love the smell of Nellie or Chief and Mary's house. it takes me back to such great summers. I smelled that smell the other day in Costco.

Oh and is Ryan Hornbuckle the one that liked me??

Poop Dun hit the fan, Betta cova yo nose! said...

I smelled grandma millers basement the other day too. Don't remember where exactly. I have to say that the throw up in hands incident made me laugh pretty hard. I'm pretty sure i could NEVER do that. How does it not squirt out like a geyser?! Mine does. i know that much. good work though.

Tiffany & Co. said...

Love your first car experience, hilarious! I love reading your blog, it's just so entertaining. I agree with you on the smell of suntan lotions, wonderful!