Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday
(except it was Tuesday)

I woke up a crazy person today. In reality I've been somewhat sick/miserable/unmotivated for a few days now. And, in addition to feeling over scheduled and slightly overwhelmed with life in general, I think I found the root of my problems--and I'm not kidding: the closets!

The downstairs was a disaster this morning so I planned to drop the kids at co-op and clean for three hours. When I got home and started to tackle the kitchen I heard a little voice whisper,"go upstairs" so I listened. I walked into the girls room opened the closet and unleashed my fury. Seriously, I unloaded every closet drawer, threw everything off hangers, dumped every dresser and pulled stuff from under the bed and crib.

Honestly, the pile was nearly to my knees. Sometimes I'm such an idiot. But actually in the long run I'm glad I went a little berserk. For the last month, every time we cleaned the upstairs, it still felt like a mess--I couldn't lay my finger on what was bugging me. Once I saw the pile I created I knew I had found the source! I filled two GIGANTIC black trash bags--one for Goodwill and one full of trash. Also, since we redid the attic all the summer clothes were piled sky high in bins in the basement so this forced me to tackle that too.

Anyway, the result was SO satisfying and midway through Nick dropped in with lunch. "I'm scared of you right now. I'll do anything I can." A little fear never hurt a guy. So--as of now the Princess room is back. Totally de-junked, neat and clean (and really cute, I might add).

Once I got this spot put back together, I called and cancelled Natalie's afternoon activity, and told Nick we were going to all work together and finish the rest of the upstairs.

By the end of the evening, we had done the exact same thing in the boys' room, and in our two bedroom closets--again two more humongous bags filled--changed out all the winter to summer clothes, and changed everyone's sheets. I cannot begin to tell you how my mood has been lifted!

It really is so liberating to get rid of stuff and dejunk your life. I seriously felt like I was getting smothered upstairs and four hefty bags later, I know why.

I am surprised it has taken me so long to get to this this spring. A few months ago, a friend of mine said that in her opinion May rivals December in it's busyness. I have found this to be true--and I think with so much of my time being taken from me--I was paralyzed from getting anything done. Well, my limbs are working now. Look out attic here I come!


Jek said...

that room is delicious!!!! i am jealous at the organization. Wasn't i the one who was suppose to organize your closets or was that just 10 years ago?

Jayne Layne said...

Wow great job! Now you know how I feel. In fact my next post will be about my living situation for the 2 months! ITS SUCKs. Good for you that you kicked in high gear and got it all done.

That room is absolutely to die for. You and Jek are definitely up against each other!

careymc said...

I am SO impressed. Pass some of that motivation over here, will ya? Your girls' rooms are DARLING, by the way!

Suzanne said...

Well Done!! (I am standing and applauding you!) I can totolly relate to the rejuvenating feeling of cleaning! You go girl! BTW your daughters room is absolutely gorgeous!! It was like eye candy for me. Love the stripes on the wall! You truly have a gift in decorating!

Elisa said...

CUTE need to show us the rest of your home!

I am jealous of your motivation.

Annban10 said...

I'm jealous of the Chandelier in her room! ~ Oneday I hope almost every light in my home is one!

I agree with May being almost as busy if not more than December!

jill said...

You weren't kidding when you said you made a mess! That was one heck of a mess, but, I did benefit (I love the clothes you dropped off).

Great job! That was a lot of work!!!

Rebecca said...

Great stripes! Maybe we could see a few more pictures? I'm right where you are with the spring cleaning, it's quite therapeutic. I'm in the middle of tackling our home office this week.

CrazeeAngee said...

Coleman says, " My twin bed looks like the floor after the closet clean out. Can you come motivate my mom? Your kids are really messy."

Tiff said...

Love the quilt! ;)