Monday, May 12, 2008

In Mysterious Ways

(youngest bro, Mitch)

Nick and I rarely fight and never really have too much, except for over one thing when we were first married:  moving back east.  We met at BYU and I guess it never really occurred to this Vegas girl that the guy you're dating (should you marry him) might attempt to take you away from your family and your home. Growing up I seldom played "what if" marriage scenarios in my head, so when we got engaged and he vocalized his desire to live "back home", it was like he lit a fire in my gut I was so shocked and enraged.  I think I was so mad because I knew this was an argument I would lose.  After countless fights going back and forth, tears and frustration, he said to give it five years and if I wasn't happy at that point, we'd move west.  

(youngest sis, Jayne)

The thing is, I wasn't just a spoiled brat who had to get my way, I had legitimate concerns. Being the oldest of six kids, I believed I would never be close with my brothers and sisters who were really young, if I moved 2,000 miles away; not to mention I was heartsick about leaving my parents.  I used to pray that somehow I would learn to deal with this and not hate Nick's guts in the process (there were moments).  I also thought I would never see my friends again--I mean who would EVER come all the way back east just to visit me?  The thing is, I knew moving made sense. Nick is in the summer camp business, so we had to live somewhere that had rivers and trees for shade, fields and horses, for a camp to survive.  But still I was sick about it.  Anyway, mysterious ways.

(BYU roommies: Wendy, Kolette, Katrina, Jill, Anjie
Carrie and Me)

It's amazing how God watches out for us, and actually cares about our desires.  He gets it--when we can't see the finish from the starting line.  The first year we opened our camp, Nick suggested we bring my youngest brother and sister (Mitch and Jayne) out to be a few of our first campers.  They were about nine and eleven at the time.  Well... a tradition was born.  They ended up coming every summer after that for ten years.  And I was worried about not getting to know them?!  Too close for comfort let me tell you...just teasing guys!  Another sister, Jessica, and brother, John, also came out from time to time to work and spend summers with us--more bonding.

(Rob and Jill)

Then--my wonderful ex-roomie and friend Kolette, married Nick's brother, Matt, and became my sister in law.  How lucky is that?  Then...two of our closest friends from BYU, Eric and Anjie, decide to give it a whirl back east and move from Oregon to our neck of the woods.  That was in 1996 and they just built a house up the street from us--they're here to stay! 2000 my sister Jill decided she was ready for a change and moved into our basement.  And who does she end up dating and marrying, but Nick's childhood friend, Rob.  Voila!  another transplant.  And lo and behold in 2002, my brother, John, graduated from college and moved out here with Kelley and Johnny.  Way to be brave!

(John, Kelley, Johnny)

It's crazy to reflect upon how things have turned out. Two of my five siblings, and three of the six roommates that I believed I would NEVER see again, all live within three miles of me--not to mention most of Nick's great family.  Sure, in the perfect world, Mom and Dad and absolutely everyone else would be living on one big compound, but I feel totally overwhelmed to have been given so much.  Who would've guessed....


Anonymous said...

Is this Nick guy ever wrong?!!

partii said...


Anonymous said...

Is this guy a freak?

JENNIFRO said...


Annban10 said...

I LOVE this post!
I know I would feel the same way if my husband wanted me to move too! You must be a brave/great girl!

Things always do seem to work out if they are the right decision. The Lord definately does work in mysterious ways..

Now, you just need to get your parents and the rest out there to where you are, and you'll be set!

I admit that I have never been anywhere East of Colorado. I know.. Pretty Pathetic.
I'm afraid after seeing back East through your blog (GREEN gardens, the Big Lilac bushes and the homes there )that if I ever went back East.. I wouldn't come back to Dry/Desert Utah. :)

Thanks for e-mailing today. I hope you don't mind if I check out sometimes what back east life is like! :)

Jayne Layne said...

Perfectly stated! I loved that post. That really is amazing how it all worked out. I am so thankful things are the way they are and that we aren't scattered in every which way. At least for now we are halfsies. Heavenly Father really does watch out for us, think about it... The same way Dad wants us to be happy and give us want we want, so does Heaven Father.

PS. Where can I get me that kitten! I want it!

Jek said...

AMazing. Just don't recruit any more or i may be left alone!!

alexis said...

that was such a nice post! it's crazy how in my own life i have recognized times when i totally thought i knew exactly what i wanted, but i was wrong. but i think the more we try to fight some things, the more we realize how lucky we are later they didn't work out the way we planned.

Suzanne said...

I really liked your post. It is amazing how we are blessed when we stop and think about it! You have such a wonderful family and I can see how you would really miss them. I can also see why everyone is moving out to the East Coast. It is absolutely beautiful out there! You are truly blessed! -Suzanne

jill said...

Great post! That was just what I needed to hear after our conversation about our children marrying the right person. God is always looking out for us and wanting the best for us and our children, granting our righteous desires everytime he possibly can.

Jayne Layne said...

PS. What did I ever do to you to make you post that picture of me??

eggy said...
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eggy said...

Jaffy, Did you ever think that you might have had something to do with it too? Your power of persuasion and the way you compliment people into doing your will? Or, maybe it's your magnetic personality?

I am going to have to affirm the strong disdain you had for your wonderful husband for so many years, but I think you should give him a little thank you tonight for delivering on the promise that all would be good. How in the world could anyone leave our little slice of heaven called D-town? We don't even have any siblings or in-laws here, but love it just the same.

Thanks for letting us stay in your loft at Nellie 2 back in '96, I wouldn't change a thing. Anyone reading this post and lives on the West don't know what you're missing! Wait til' Jafro blogs about the community garden!

Poop Dun hit the fan, Betta cova yo nose! said...

I really enjoyed reading that. I've thought about that exact same thing on numerous occasions. Since we'll probably have cold weather till june, you may see me out there sooner than you might have thought. Hey, I owe all my true friends to you and nick. They're the reason i stayed good in high school from the examples they set for me. Maryland has given me basically every fun memory that i can ever remember that doesn't involve vandalism. Without my visits to maryland, I honestly honestly honestly don't think i would have gone on a mission or been where i am today. I can actually say that with confidence. Love Vegas, but Maryland is where my heart is.

JENNIFRO said...

Nice to hear from two of my favorite boys!