Friday, May 9, 2008


Years ago when Jill was living at home she got to observe my parents--through the eyes of an adult.  As a result of her keen observations, she ended up posting Mom and Dad top ten lists on the fridge every now and then.  We all got such a kick out of them because they are just so Mom and Dad.  Anyway, she found a few lists the other day and posted them and now I am copying them for my ownself.  

She said:

10.  I love the paint color.
9.  Are you going out like that?
8.  This house stinks.
7.  Ask Dad.
6.  I hate this paint color.
5.  Do you smell gas?
4.  I'll call Mary.
3.  Do you like the paint color?
2.  I don't mind it.
1.  Save it, we might need it for a costume.

He said:

10. Dinner?  Meal Versace.
9.  Where's May?
8.  Make a dish run.
7.  We're nothing but a bunch of pigs.
6.  Hurry, I'll count.
5.  Only give the cat one handful.
4.  Don't tell your mother but...
3.  Go pick up rocks.
2.  We're not gonna live like this anymore
1.  Pull my finger.

THANKS JIGGY.  Keep them coming!


VEGAS VIC said...

What a good laugh. Don't ever lose those.

I would encourage you to get a better picture of Dad. He always comes up way short in the picture. Mom

JENNIFRO said...

Way to stand by your man! I chose that picture cause I thought it looked like a good irritated face--that we all know and love. Better one next time for sure.

jill said...

Glad you like 'em mom! I was thinking the other day, I lived at home longer than anyone else.