Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do you know your 80's?

Last weekend Nick and his brother's threw a big bash for their summer staff in the barn. The theme was "80's Prom." I learned a few things that night. First, that, hands-down! the 80's put out the best music EVER! Do not even bother to argue with me. And second, that kids these days think that everyone from the 80's either dressed like an old man, Cyndi Lauper or Madonna--end of story. That was pretty funny to see. Little do they know that there were lots of other hot trends like preppy popped collars, leggings, pegged jeans w/pumps, polka dots, big bangs, trench coats, jelly shoes, blue liner and pink lips, Doc Martins, and the list goes on and on. In honor of this totally radical decade, I want to throw a challenge out there...

I will send/hand-off a brand new "Barefoot Contessa Cookbook" to the first person who can name the title of at least six of the songs below AND the artist that sang them. And by the way...people in the 80's were HONEST so NO GOOGLING ALLOWED!

"And I haven't felt so alive in years.
The moon is shining in the sky reminding me
of so many other nights"

"Hold onto 16 as long as you can
changes come around real soon
make us women and men"

"Who counts the money underneath the bar
Who rides the wrecking ball into our guitars?"

"All your suits are custom made in London,
but I've something that you'll really like.."

"Haven't had a dream in a long time.
See the life I've had
could make a good man..bad"

"It's so hard to get old without a cause
I don't want to perish like a fading horse
youth is like diamonds in the sun....'

"Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest of the world.
I wanna be the one to walk in the sun..."

"She turns herself around
And she smiles and she says,
'this is it, that's the end of the joke.''




Jayne Layne said...

And Diamonds are forever... that is the only one I know, I won't say the name, and I am not sure who sang it. If I could get the music or tone to the others I am sure I would know lots of them. I

That was really fun! Great pictures I have been waiting to see them.

Mitch said...

I'll have you know that i am a HUGE fan of the 80's. Although i love my music to death i will totally agree with you that 80's is the best decade for music. I just went 80's dancing last thursday and it kicked major booty as usual. All of my friends love it too. Of course dressing up is the best part. Last week i was goin for the bad boy look; like the guy from the breakfast club. I think i pulled it off pretty well. Normally, i just go to savers or D.I and shop in the womens section; Looking for the gayest, most neon colored things i can find. I've been known to be quite the costume coordinator. Thank you for playing 80's music while i was but a youth. They bring back very fond memories. Good post. I'm always down to talk about how bad$$ the 80's were. BOOYEAH BOOOOOIIIIIII!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I'll be honest and not google. Too bad I only know Mellancamp. But you have me wanting to look them up - post the titles, okay?!?

funkitup said...

I really don't want to give away my age by winning, so I will wait for someone else to reveal themselves...What do I like about the 80's? room mates who wear units, room mates who smell the armpits of their units before wearing them, and marshmellow pies...yummmmm! Love you, Kim

VEGAS VIC said...

Basically the only thing that stands out in my mind about the 80's is giving birth to those two darling babies. Jayne and Mitch. Can you beat that?
No seriously it is fun reading what you guys remember. Because I would never think about these things if it wasn't for you guys bringing it up.
One last thing.
You have us to thank for the morph into your music. We set the stage.
The 60's music was fab.


eggy said...

Easy challenge. Although, I should be banned from the contest because of my 80's prowess. If I should can give my cookbook to someone who really deserves Mitch!

Depeche Mode/But Not Tonight - #1 (your favorite band Funny you should pick a song sang by Martin Gore and not David Gahan?)

John Cougar Mellencamp/Jack and Diane - #2 (an 80's anomaly)

Not sure of the band...but the song's chorus goes, "We built this City on Rock and Roll" - #3

MADONNA/Dress You Up - #4 (I love that you put "Dress You Up" under my pic!, just like yesterday when I was in your apartment serenading the Vegas Chicks to this song! Did you think I was sexy?

Smiths/Morrissey/Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - #5 (probably my personal favorite 80's dude. Johnny has gay love for him too.)

Alphaville/Forever Young - #6 (brings me back to the slow dancin' days)

Cindi Lauper/ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - #7 (classic 80's song, but not like Michael Jackson)

Psych Furs/ Pretty in Pink - #8 and very appropriate for the Calleva theme!

Can you name which of these songs I played at the prom?
So, are we getting old and holding on to the idea that the 80's produced the best music of all time? Wouldn't your parents say that the 50's/60's produced the best music of all time? I think our memories of the funnest times of our lives is what makes it the best music. Like when I think of Nick...I think about OMD and playing volleyball in the front yard. (I also think of the Rolling Stones and "My Pal's Shirt", but that's beside the point) When I hear Depeche Mode, I remember SPC and climbing the pole at Plastique on Center Street.
You mentioned style...I don't think the youth these days know about ska/mod music and the cool cats driving around on vespas with their walkmans listening to the English Beat and The Specials OR if you went to BYU in 1988, Swim Hershel Swim. Their idea of Ska is Gwen Stefani...a very cheap imitation.
Thanks for all the's always fun. Oh...what songs make me think of Anjanette? Haircut 100 and Just Like Heaven of course.

partii said...

GE You the man! I only got 3 of them. Thanks again for being the DJ! The selection was great. My only regret is not having you give a little background and blurbs about the songs and bands between songs. You are a natural on the Mic.

JENNIFRO said...

Egg!! Are you kidding me? I knew you would know most but thought the lyrics were obscure enough that you wouldn't get them all! You are the MASTER!!
The memories are too good. I hear what you're saying about everyone liking their own era but if you read what Mitch said (and he was BORN in the 80's) there is nothing like the 80's to get a party goin!! At the barn the other night--those kids knew most of our music (not so much the alternative but definitely the mainstream/pop) so just proves the best stuff never dies. What did you play? I want to say "Forever Young" cept I'm wondering if it was... "Please, Please Please" I think you played both of those. Give it up.
Boyfriends back! Welcome home Nick!

up in bubbles said...

This would be Starship! "We built this City on Rock and Roll" - #3

The reason I know is because Maria Pesce came to the house one night on 3995 Belhaven and asked if they could borrow our tape.

up in bubbles said...

By the way we didn't let her borrow it cause we didn't have one.

Ann Marie said...

I love this post! I love the 80's!!
What a fun night for you guys!
I only guessed Depeche, Starship and Madonna. :(

I have to agree, and most of the world would to, that the 80's produced the best music!
I also love the movies too! Most of my collection from the past must have been " taped from TV " because years later I saw Sixteen candles, goonies and Breakfast club, and I was like " whoa!! This wasn't in the movie"... LOL!
So much of the 80's styles are in again! This last week in people magazine they were showing all sorts of celebs wearing -pegged- pants. I thought

JENNIFRO said...

John-- are you lying about that?

jill said...

Great post! I'm sorry I missed it, but Rob was tired and cranky and had to go to bed...;)

What a bunch of great pictures!

up in bubbles said...

dead serious

careymc said...

What a fun event! You look adorable in that pink dress. :) I wish I was more 80's savvy to know the songs!

eggy said...

The only one that I played was Lauper...

When are we going to put on the ultimate 80's dance party for everyone?

Christian said...

Depeche Mode - but not tonight
John Cougar Mellencamp - Jack & Diane
Starship - We built this city
Madonna - Dress you up
Youth Group - Forever Young
Cyndi Lauper - Girls just want to have fun
Psychadelic Furs - Pretty in Pink

JENNIFRO said...

Christian...impressivo!! And I thought all you could quote was Bob Dylan!

Egg--you NAME the day!