Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Summer Favorites

Peach Smoothie

Truly fabulous! It went something like..2 largish ripe peaches peeled, a big spoonful of frozen orange juice, 2-3 frozen bananas, some milk, some cold water, a little ice at the end. It was impromptu, but it was the best I've ever made and one of the best I've ever had. Try it till you get it right!

Beach Read

This was the perfect book for me at the beach. I loved it; I think it was my mood. It really took no thought, and it was relaxing and girlie. Go read some reviews on it. It seems like people either loved it or hated it. I really enjoyed the first two sections but it waned a bit in the third. I am signing up for yoga in the fall because of it. Weird?

Self Tanner

My sister in law gave this to me and it is the best I've ever used. It goes on like a gel and I think the color is super natural. Plus, it's pretty odorless. I highly recommend it.

Magical Moment

Baby brother, who although he did not do karaoke, was definitely blessed with the best voice of the kids (sorry other kids). One day at the beach, he came out with his guitar, stood on the balcony and sang to us girls as we were laying by the pool. It is one of my best memories of the summer, because I love this kid so much, and it was wonderful to experience something so unexpected and beautiful.

Tuberose Candle

This candle smells so great, it tricks me into thinking my house is not only clean but gorgeous!

Lars and the Real Girl

I loved this movie. It is something so different, you should just rent it and experience it. For a slightly more detailed review go here.

Aveda's Rosemary Mint Lotion

My friend, Russ, who works for Aveda, gave this to me and I absolutely love it. It's a little pricey, but once mine is gone, I know I will reorder it. It feels so cool and minty-tingly after a shower that I literally cannot wait to put it on. I love mint body washes and lotions and so far I think this one is the best.

Caprese Salad

A-d-d-i-c-t-i-o-n. I love this with ripe garden tomatoes & basil, fresh mozzerella, a little olive oil and basalmic vinegar and s & p. I could eat it everyday for sure. Last summer, I thought I was being healthy and I did eat it everyday for two weeks and I put on three pounds. I wasn't really taking into account that I was eating about 200 fat grams in the cheese. I'd probably do it again, though.

Your Call
Secondhand Serenade

I've come to realize that I have reoccurring one-song obsessions. This summer it is "Your Call." I don't know why, but I am completely smitten with it. When I have a song obsession, I listen to it over and over and over. While I'm cleaning or doing the dishes I listen to a playlist but repeat my favorite song three or four times super loud. I do this for a month or two until I absolutely can't take it any more. Below is my longest running favorite. I didn't tire of it for about 5 months. Probably because if I turned it to just the right level, Reese left, and it was just me and Joaquin singing our hearts out.

Any summer favorites?
Do you like my song?
(I don't offend easily)


VEGAS VIC said...

I knew if I stayed up long enough there would be a new post. Good job. Loved it all.


alexis said...

i loved lars and the real girl! mary jane told me to watch it, and then i had my parents watch it. i think i'll try the smoothie recipe. good stuff!

Jayne Layne said...

Well I checked it. It didn't dissappoint even at 6am and after being awake for two hours. I loved every item and would like to try the mint tingle junk.

Jek said...

I won't be trying the mint tingle. I HATE that tingle on my skin, scalp etc. everything else looks good enough to try. that smoothie sounds delicious right about now, but is it worth driving to the store to get every ingrediant?

Mitch said...

Best voice of all the kids? I highly highly doubt that. Jayne i think takes the cake with that one. Thanks though! That was nice of you to say ma lady :)

jessamyn barnette said...

good stuff! i've heard really good things about that self tanner, maybe I will have to give it a try because I'm not getting any darker on my own!

careymc said...

Such a fun post, Jennifer! I may have to copy your idea. :) I love some of your favorites & can't wait to try others (Lars & the Real Girl). LOVED "Eat, Pray, Love!"

Rebecca said...

I just saw 'Lars' last night and I'm going to post about it, too! It WAS fantastic! I'm making my husband watch it, too.

PS I love Trapp candles - my mom just shared them with me so I just sorta of learned about them. There are some other amazing ones from Williams Sonoma - try Wasabi Green Tea or Pink Grapefruit. They seem to fill my house and last quite a while.