Monday, August 4, 2008

Live Life
Viva la Vida

It was a weekend of firsts. First, first. I saw Coldplay in DC! I started listening to them seriously this past year and am crazy for their music. Since having kids I kinda put most current music on the shelf. I guess I felt like my mind (and life) was already too noisy and cluttered to add further chaos. Well, things changed when I downloaded about 15 of their songs and put the plugs in my ears. I loved them instantly. They are so appealing to me--I hadn't been turned on to a new band in so long, it was really exciting to find them. I always imagine him singing to Gwyneth and it gets me romantic. ; ) When Johnny told me he and Kelley got tickets to their concert a few months back I knew I wanted to go. Too bad they were sold out though and no one really wanted to be my date anyway, so I pretty much forgot about it. About a week later my Buddy, Eric called and said he had sweet tickets from work and invited me to go with him and his friends. LUCKY! So anyway, it did not disappoint and it was a fabulous show and a great night in every way. What is up with the English and their accents, btw? I could fall in love with every last one of them once they start talking. Stupidest thing we ever did was change that dialect. Thanks again E & A.

Second First. Before the show I went to Clyde's, a really good restaurant in DC, with Eric and his co-workers. We had a great time and the food was awesome. I always feel sort of nervous hanging out with new people but the girls were funny and darling and I didn't want it to end. The restaurant was filled with mostly concert goers so it was jam packed. As we were waiting for dessert, some guy ran in and up near our table and said "Police orders everyone needs to vacate the restaurant." It's kind of weird when you're in a situation like this because I know I automatically thought "yeah right." Maybe everyone thinks like me cause it seemed like nobody moved until they announced it like two more times and the servers backed it up. All I could think was "Oh my gosh, this restaurant is going to lose a million dollars." As we were heading for the stairs another guy ran up the stairs yelling (yelling!) "You people need to exit the building NOW! Don't go down the stairs find another exit at the back!!" Okay, maybe a little scary. And may I mention the typical "you know the type" guy in the crowd who had the gall to say "There is absolutely no reason for a cop to be talking to civilians that way." (please! fine sir, get blown up). So now people are moving fast and we see kitchen staff flying out the back doors so we follow them out. The cute girl I was with was cracking me up with "This is why I live in the country, I really hate the city--I'm shaking so bad!" Of course she should've been scared but for some reason I was feeling calm. We got separated from Eric and another girl but eventually met up outside. Eric said they talked to the restaurant manager on the way out and he told them there was a suspicious package outside the restaurant and when the police looked in it--they immediately started evacuating the area. I remember thinking "so should I be calling Jill right now and willing my kids to her?" Then I remembered Nick was alive. Oh yeah.

That was that. They must've figured it out because they let us all into the concert. At one point, though, the whole scene was a bit surreal for me--out on the street with the crowd of people. I realized that this is what it is like--before a tragedy, I mean. Everyone just living life, doing their thing, not realizing that moments later they would be gone. Crazy.

P.S. Eric called back the next day and paid for our dinner. atta boy.


Suzanne said...

Wow, that was an awesome story! Ann will be so jealous that you got to go to a Coldplay concert. The threat at the restaurant would have freaked me out and I would have gone home from there. You are one brave cookie!! Glad you got out and had a great time with friends. It sounds like I am really missing out on Coldplay. Everyone is talking about them! hhmm..-Suzanne

jill said...

BTW, it's already set, I am taking your kids with or without Nick.

Just kidding Nick (sort of).

I'm glad you had such a great time, and that you lived to tell about your night. Mom should really enjoy this post.

Ann Marie said...

I have loved there music for a long time too! But, this album is just awesome!! I am still trying to talk my husband into taking me around thanksgiving when they come here. I love all of your comments about it! Whoo-hoo!

I was laughing at " maybe I should be calling Jill and willing my kids to her? Oh wait, Nick is still alive" LOL!! Hilarious!

Poop Dun hit the fan, Betta cova yo nose! said...

If you let me, i will take you under my wing and show you a whole new world of amazing music. Coldplay is just the beginning my young friend. May your spirit soar high, in search of a destiny to which no one knows but your master(me).

Yeeeahhhh, i have no idea what i'm talking about. I just woke up. Good post. Glad you're not blown to bits. I bet it was the joker. Be careful.

JENNIFRO said...

You already have Mitchie Poo...I'm 567 songs richer!

Chris said...

I thought I got the kids. Remember your childless friend? Just kidding, Rob & Jill should have them, oh, maybe Nick should keep them. Anyway, totally jealous of the concert but I am not jealous of the bomb threat. That happened to me in the airport in Israel and it was pretty CRAZY! Glad you are safe. You forgot your present at my house:)

VEGAS VIC said...

I didn't really freak because I could deduce that if you were writing you weren't dead.
Thanks for not calling me as you were exiting the bldg.
Anyway glad you all enjoyed it. I sure did like what I heard of them at the beach.


Jayne Layne said...

Yikes! How scary, but a good thrill at the same time. i am proud of that Eric for calling back and paying.

I would go to that concert out here, if I wasn't pregnant and without a date. Glad you had fun!

eggy said...
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eggy said...

What? I thought Camille and Natalie were coming our way if you and Nick should perish? These other people can have the boys...we gots enough of those.

You did capture the moment very well in your blog, but nothing will be as exciting as being there while the sweaty managers and cops came running into the restaurant shouting at us. If we lived in Israel, we wouldn't even blink because it probably happens to people all the time. Like I said before, I am going to talk to Nick and see if he can incorporate a bomb scare scene at the HF, because you guys were all running for your lives!!
We are very fortunate to live in America and are protected by that Sage, Mr. George W. Bush. Call him what you want, but name one time we have been attacked since 9/11/01?

Oh, and on the restaurant tab...I forgot to tell you that they comped your 3 Coronas you drank for the trouble. JK ;)
Seriously though, "Just because I'm losing...Doesn't mean I'm Lost!"

JENNIFRO said...

Oh Egghead,

I can always count on you for a laugh...(or an insult!).

You're right about GWB, though.

Fun night, great memory!!

alexis said...

seriously coldplay is my favorite band of all time. and the accents, sooo hot. i agree, they are sooo sexy.

Rebecca said...

Oh, this is an evening I'm jealous about! My niece and I were just talking about how much we'd love to see them in concert. Happy to hear you had such a lovely time!