Friday, September 26, 2008


(semi-relevant details from September)

Nick surprised us with tickets to Les Miserables.  It's our favorite musical and my favorite book.  We've been bummed it's gone from Broadway now that we are playing it for the kids and telling them the story.  He jumped at the chance when he saw it was at Wolftrap earlier this month.

Happy people riding the shuttle from the parking lot.  The weather was gorgeous; nothing beats an outdoor theater on a perfect night.  The performance was amazing!  I have to admit I wasn't expecting much off broadway--but was in awe of the cast.  The chitlins loved it too. If you haven't seen this and it comes to your city--do not miss it!  Read the book first--it's even more incredible.

Nicholas invents mini airplanes.  This is just a 1/4 of them.  He loves anything mini. 

Sweet Sis picked up little chick so I blasted my music and spit shined and organized nine cupboards (which were shameful)...

de-crapped the fridge,

and lined the drawers with new shelf paper.  I did all this in under two hours!  Put on a little "Chili Peppers," they can get even the laziest house-frau pumped!

Finally found the king-size dish soap after two days of hunting for it.  Mitchell eventually confessed to hiding it after I poured some down his throat for saying, "It'll be good when you die, Natalie." (guess I missed that cupboard)

Came up with a really innovative idea it's called "after school snack."  One of my weak points in years past. I'm proud to say I've fixed the kids something almost every day since school started.

This is a favorite:  bananas, natural peanut butter and wheat germ sprinkles.  

New frog boots.  Thanks Auntie!

Self Portrait in Watercolor

Bought this 4x6 at Greenfront to sell at the store--hoping to make a little bank.  It cost me 273.00 and I saw one today at an online store for $864.00 (+50 shipping). Sheds some light on the mark-up of such things........


Ann Marie said...

Looks like we've been doing the same thing! Cleaning the fridge, freezer, re-organizing.. sheesh.. what's gotten into me? This should be done when I can't enjoy the outdoors! ~ I'm crazy.

I should have turned on Peppers! That's what I needed!!!!

I love the paper you lined the drawers with, and of course the rugs.. Are they the same ones Jill bought?
Have a good weekend!!

Mrs. Organic said...

I love the self-portrait and that rug is beautiful.

I think I have to go clean a few cupboards now...

Elisa said...

I think you should frame that self portrait. What talent!

Amazing makes me want to line my drawers...and paint my cupboards....and paint my floors. I love your house. I love when you post pictures of it.

I didn't comment on your Family Life post, but I am having sympathy for poor Nicolas. I HAD to watch "the movie" a year early IN 4th GRADE because it was obvious to everyone that I needed it (physically). I still wanted to believe in santa clause, and the tooth fairy but was handed a big dose of real life, and a training bra.

I like the book "You Were Smaller Than a Dot" but it might be too young for Nicolas...and it doesn't go into depth about physical adolescent changes.

Jek said...

Why on earth would you ever get rid of that rug???????? Baby gift. How about everyone you know go in on that for my living room in about a 5X8 size and make me really happy.

JENNIFRO said...


Same rug Jill bought. I only got one. If it sells I'll be back for more! Shelf paper Martha Stewart Kmart special.

Thanks for the input Eliisa--too bad about the 4th grade reality--makes me think I'll hold off on Santa one more year. : )

Jek that rug would be unreal in your house--stinks you live SO FAR!! You really should have us get you one next time.

jill said...

Great post! I'm VERY impressed with the self portrait, it's really good!

Darling family picture at Les Mis.

The rug, you know how I feel about that one.

I'm really impressed by the lined drawers and cupboards and the after school snack! Wowsers!!

Suzanne said...

I love Les Mis.....that is one I think I could possibly get my husband to go to, he liked the movie. ;(

When I saw your after school snack I thought it was banana's with caramel and pecans. I went nuts over that idea and thought wow, she is a trooper for giving them that. Then I saw it was peanut butter and did you say wheat germ. For the love, the peanut butter is fine, but wheat germ? No wonder the bananas are still sitting there. ;)

The self portrait is AMAZING!! You should frame that and display it in the house somewhere. Really, it is that good!

So you were bit by the organization bug, huh? Send some of that vibe my way. I am trying to muster myself up to cleaning the house this morning and have no motivation. I need to hide all books, I have been reading like crazy and I feel like I have an addiction.

Hey curious if your husband is preparing for the haunted house with his work? I saw some haunted houses here getting ready to rev up and my thoughts were wondering if you guys were doing somethng this year? I remember a post I think you did in February about flying to Vegas for research and I have always been very curious the similarities and differences with his haunted house and the ones we have here. Just wondering! -Suzanne

Jenmomof4 said...

I am tired just reading your post! :-)

I love the watercolor "mom"

YOu should scan that in and make cute notecards to send to your friends.

JENNIFRO said...

Natalie will be thrilled to hear you all like her painting!

Suzanne--I dare you to try the pb and wheat germ!

I will be posting on the Haunted Forest soon...thanks for asking.

Jayne Layne said...

Fun post. That rug is wonderful, and Camille looks so cute to me in the picture. Cute outfit.

Paige said...

Love the snapshot of your day. How creative and fun. And I would never consider you to be lazy!!! Loved Natalie's self-portrait and the explanation of why the soap was where it was!!