Sunday, September 28, 2008


66 and as STYLIE as ever!!

Just playin' Pops!

I love this handsome man who is always up for a laugh (and the source of most of them). Have a super day and know that you are loved and cherished by your whole family. Only wish I was there. XOXOXO


Jayne Layne said...

That top picture is awful!

Dad you are the best dad a girl could ask for! You are one of a kind and I love you. Have a great birthday, and Jon loves you too (he just said it last night)!

jill said...

Happy Birthday Dad!!! If I was on top of things I'd have written you a post!!! I love you!!! And am SO grateful that you're my dad and my childrens' grandpa!

Rob told me he loves you WAAAAYYYY more than his own dad, beat that Jon!

SaraBerry said...

Happy Birthday Uncle John! We ALL love you too!

Mitch said...

Happy Birthday Pops! Love you baby!! You're the best! Thanks for everything you do for me :)

Jek said...

Happy Birthday Pops! I am glad we got to hang out tonight. YOu are one awesome dad and I think by now you might know that!!

Top this jon and Rob,
jason and dad finally called each other "dad" and "son" tonight then they cried.

JENNIFRO said...

But....tell me WHO besides Nick has a heart tattoo on his breast with "Big John" underneath?

I win.

careymc said...

Oh my gosh, how hilarious!!! :) I adore your dad! One of THE funniest people I know.

Hey, I have a funny question for you. I could be way off, but is it you that puts those wonderful picture albums together for your parents? It seems like I was at their house a couple of years ago & they were showing me a book you had compiled with pictures, journaling, etc (not a scrapbook, but an actual BOOK). I'm wanting to do this for xmas, but I don't have a clue how to get started. :)

JENNIFRO said...


I did the first two I think then John did the one last year. Anyway, they are lots of fun and the parents LOVE them. So email me and I'll give you more details.

CrazeeAngee said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite college-friend dad. You make the best taco salad!! We love and adore you!!

The Martinis Family

eggy said...

Happy Birthday to the original BIG JOHNNY! I love you too and will call you "Dad" anytime you want me too.
Taco Salad? I love that little crumbled Top Ramen number you used to make us when we were but youths!