Monday, September 29, 2008

A Vintage Afternoon

Glen Echo Park is an enchanting place--just a stone's throw from DC, in a small town along the banks of the Potomac River.  Originally constructed as an educational campus, Glen Echo became an amusement park in the early 1900's, complete with rides, a swimming pool, and a beautiful carousel.  By the 60's the amusement park had passed it's heyday, and the area fell into disuse.  Now, Glen Echo has been restored to it's first purpose as a place of learning--this time for the fine arts.  Aspiring artisans or those who never grew out of elementary school arts & crafts projects can indulge their creative sides in a variety of classes.  Nick and I even took swing classes here a few years back.

amazing view from the bridge

even the girls were impressed

Over the years I have brought my kids to a darling puppet theater here that is magical for children and nostalgic for their parents.  Jill nicely reminded me that even though Camille is number four, she is deserving of some of the privileges experienced by the first three.  So it was with a bit of sister-induced guilt, I joined Jill and her girls for a fun afternoon at Glen Echo's Puppet Theater.  And...had a marvelous time, might I add.


how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

one...the whimsical carousel house

two...a colorful procession

three...timeless details

four...frozen in time.

Sadly, the merry-go-round is only open on the weekends so we settled for an outside picture.

Tickets please..

Before we go...

a little more "eye" candy

One of the last pictures taken before the park closed in the 60's

I often think I was born in the wrong time.  I wonder if I've just romanticized it too much but I am so drawn to the simpler days.  I think the era my grandparents grew up in seems perfect--(minus the depression and war stuff and the childhood diseases).  I can't even articulate why--I just do.  I mostly like the 40/50's I think.  I love the style of that time period and the femininity of women and the way they dressed.  Heaven knows, what I would've done with my hair back then though, I guess that's one point in favor of the here and now.  


Ann Marie said...

What a fun day!
I COMPLETELY agree with you and the era thing. I loved the old simplicity, less busyness, the styles, the look.. Well.. Pretty much almost everything! If I was a toothpick, I'd dress completely vintage even now... I LOVE it!!

All of the pictures of your girls are so precious! :)

VEGAS VIC said...

What a great day. Those buildings were so nostalgic. I'm with you. Why can't it be like that. The girls just look darling. That one isn't mine is it??????????


Sara and Brad said...

Wow!!! What a fun place. The plays there are awesome. There is just something about the horsey rides that just brings ya back to fun! When I was a nanny I took my girl there tons... You also might wanna check out imagination stage in bethesda.. pretty cool plays there too :) (great snack bar :)

Suzanne said...

How great is that? That is totally awesome that they restored the park. Loved the vintage buildings and such. Loved the comment on wanting to be born in the 40's except for the war, disease, depression, ya know just the minor details that would totally ruin a day. ;) Glad you and Jill were out with the girls doing some girl time. Way to go Jill on guilting you to go! -Suzanne

jill said...

Fun day, great place!!! Aaahhhh, the good old days. I love this park, it's like a step back in time. Good for you going with us that day, I could tell that Camille loved having you there.

Rebecca said...

This is amazing! I'm so thrilled to learn of this place. It looks beautiful and we'll have to check in to it.

Jonny said...

Looks like a fun day. I had no idea that is what Glen Echo was. I thought it was just a street. Cute little girlies.

Jonny said...

Jayne speaking

careymc said...

I'm with you on being born in the wrong era. I always thought I belonged during the "big band" times. I remember watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and thinking, "that's where I belong!" :) Looks like so much fun - so beautiful there!