Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where hast thou been Sister?
Killing Swine.

Double, double, toil and trouble.  Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Whenever I'm asked "where have you been" or ask that question myself, every last time those lines from Macbeth run through my mind.  About eighteen years ago, my roommates Jill and Kim and I, were the three witches in a short one-act at BYU.  Our filmmaker friend, you know the one, asked us and Nick and his brother, Alex, to play the parts under his direction, and perform it for his theater class.  FOUR of us were ever so eager to do it, of course.  Nick...not so much.  Still, to this day we joke about the way he trotted in as Macbeth on his stick horse and delivered his lines in pure staccato.  "So! foul! and! fair! a! day! I! have! not! seen!"  That memory has been the source of lots of laughs over the years.  And I, who can barely remember my kids birthdays, still remember the dialogue of the three witches nearly word for word.  It amazes me what sticks and what doesn't.  I've always secretly wanted to be an actress more than anything else in the world.  I guess it's not so secret now.....but I digress. This post was intended to be a "welcome me back" from my blog hiatus.  I don't think I've ever been gone five days before.  And every night that I've gone to bed with another post unwritten I've been unbelievably bugged.  Makes me want to quit altogether, but I like it way too much to do that. I've been busy....what with killing swine and all.


Jayne Layne said...

Well a post! I couldn't resist but say Nick's lines out loud. I CAN TOTALLY see that, and it is so freaking funny. Maybe next time I out there he can re-enact that for me.

Welcome back sissy

Suzanne said...

Welcome Back!! Good to have you post again!! You have been greatly missed! I LOVE Shakespeare! How fun that you were able to re-enact the witch scene!

So, are you counting down to Halloween so things will calm down? I go to bed and wonder how things are going with the forest. I wonder if it gets grueling that last little stretch.

Well, you owe us a few extra posts, so lets get them crankin! Just Kidding! Good to have you back posting and if you leave, me and my friend will come and hunt you down. Waahhaaahhhaa!! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

Yay! A new post!!
I hope you were not bugged that I finally e-mailed you yesterday after not seeing one for a while...:)
I know what you mean about going to bed and being bugged if you don't post. I do it too, and then think why am I adding this stress??
I told Chad that I would love to pre-post an entire week, just to see if I feel less busy...

You amaze me with your memorizing smarts. You always have great quotes and lines..You would be a great actress!

Glad your going to get some R&R soon!~

Jek said...

I had to do what jayne did. Nick is hilarious. Maybe you could record "mother, mother not mother" and blog it.

CrazeeAngee said...

Geez, Finally.

Mrs. Organic said...

Glad you're back! What a great story (and that's about the caliber of my acting, too).

Lauralee said...

welcome back!

partii said...

I could've been an actor.

Up in Bubbles said...

Hey why don't you bust out the video from seminary you did and put that on your blog. We are all mostly LDS and can appreciate a much needed lesson in the middle of the week. Or better yet bust out your iron and have Nick video it as you reenact it and then put it on youtube. I bet most people have seen that video if they went to seminary, they just dont know its you.

Ann Marie said...

I wanna know the video.. I have seen a ton of them.. Maybe your in my video library, and I don't even know it! What it is?? Come on.. The phone call? PLLLLEEASE share!

Or one of you loyal family members e-mail me the name of the video!

Jayne Layne said...

Oh the seminary video.... Such a nasty grumpy teenager. I am now sort of on a mission to find that! Am i remembering correctly, were you a bit fiesty in that video?

careymc said...

glad you're back! I was going through serious jennifro withdrawals. ;)

JENNIFRO said...


Sadly, my 15 minutes of fame is on a seminary video for the Old Testament. It's called "No other Gods before me" and I play a rebellious teen in mustard uniform that desperately wants to work on Sunday to support her drug habit. Anyway, made about 400. bucks for it and thought it would take me places but that's where it ended. Still waiting for another break......

I will say though in all honesty, over the last 17 years I've never gone more than a couple of months without somebody saying "Oh my gosh! I was totally over in France on my mission and we were watching this video and all of a sudden YOU came up on the screen! It was soo cool!"

kidding about the drug thing.....just a surly teen wanting some extra cash flow...

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for the info.. I will let you know if/when I find it!

You should show it to your kids, and tell them you are an actress! :)

eggy said...

Ahhh...Macbeth! Some of my best work! ;)
No words can describe how talented Nick was at playing a non-actor! I quote his line at least 2 times per year.
Now...what do you mean you "wanted" to be an actress? It's never too late?! I wanted to be a filmmaker...still trying!
You showed some serious talent back in the day as a witch. Go get a SAG card and get on it!!

Here's some practice...from one of my favorite Macbeth lines.
(Lady Macbeth to herself while sleepwalking)
"Out, damned spot! Out, I say! One: two:
why, then 'tis time to do't. Hell is murky. Fie, my lord,
Fie! A soldier, and afeard? What need we fear who
Knows it, when none can call our power accompt?
Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?"