Friday, November 21, 2008

Knitting Glam

Let's start with a question. To which of the following groups does Jennifro belong?

A. a knitting group
B. a cooking group
C. a sewing group

If you guessed are right! Oh, and if you guessed B and C you're right too. I am so incredibly domestic these days I can hardly get over myself. No joke. Knitting started last month. A bunch of us sister-friends get together every Tuesday and are tutored by some of the best. I, however, am discovering that I am a VERY slow learner and VERY easily frustrated with my new found hobby.

As you might guess, she's one of the pros. Just look at the size of her project. We are making a baby sweater. I think I was picturing a sweet little hot-pad but no... we, my friends, are making a sweater first go-round.

Here's Jill. She's so skilled she can knit one-handed with a babe on lap. Note how much she has done. So sad.

A cozy kitchen fire makes everyone want to stay put. And put we did. I didn't leave until 3 p.m. last time, you'd think with five hours of project time, I'd be progressing quite nicely wouldn't you?

Here's Mary fixing a mistake for me. Where's my sweater? Well, it's right there hiding between her fingers....isn't it gorgeous! I think it should be done right on schedule for my first little grand-baby.

Oh look, Kelley's working on her collar. That's the next to last step. She actually finished by the end of the day. (over achiever)

Here's mine again. Finally taking shape, right? Odd that it's never in my hands. Again, so sad for the slow, challenged girls.

Just doing my part to keep these guys in business. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....


VEGAS VIC said...

That was pretty clever. I failed you all again, didn't I. lol. I'm surprised you ALL took after your dad's side. Mine is so clever and good with our hands. But, keep trying. It looks like it will turn out great. Good job Kelley.


JENNIFRO said...

Maybe not knitting...but you did teach us how to crochet and embroidery and you did attempt to teach us to sew. We were just more interested in acting and singing the parts of Sandy and Danny...we didn't have time for homemaking back then!

But hey...we did learn to decorate thanks to you!

jill said...

VERY FUNNY MOTHER!!! You tried and tried to make something out of me. Piano at 5. Embroidering around 7. Sewing, crocheting etc... A+ for effort! I've only now become interested in any of it. Thanks for the great sewing machine!

As for acting/singing, you were wise not to encourage Jennifer and me. We probably would have ended up living together in Hollywood, dating losers and doing bad things.

JENNIFRO said...

lest we forget the hook rugs....

Jayne Layne said...

That sounds fun! I have am sure mine wouldn't be much further than yours.

Mom, you taught me and Kristen Perkins to sew a DARLING outfit and a halloween bag. YOu are a true star!

Jek said...

mom, again you taught us dance and tumbling, and you were always trying to teach me to sew, and piano, and we would always sing at the piano. Didn't we try that hook thing? (santa toilet seat covers)

Sara and Brad said...

Jen very cute!!! I just rented a book at the library... how to crochet booties...looks hard?!?! cant even spell the darn word. good luck I'm sure you'll pick it up... mizzz crafy herself :)

Ann Marie said...

No wonder you are so busy!!
Oh my heck?? Knitting!
What a woman!!
Love the vintage black and white photo..

I think I felt a little sick as I read that you know to crochet,do embroidery work, and sew???
Say hello to the new Martha!

Oneday I hope to be able to tackle one of these amazing talents, but it will be along ways down the road.... My plate is too full.

Good luck with all the new fun projects!!

PS: I hope you will post your finished products! :)

browneyedgirl said...

great post! :) Well I was taught from my grandmother herself, and prefer to do it while watching t.v. (actually listening), however I've not touched it in a while.

Think they should've started you on a beginner project.

JENNIFRO said...

Pretty funny Ann....I can't remember how to crochet at all and rarely embroidery--I deserve NO credit in the domestic me.

Up in Bubbles said...

Forget the sewing, crocheting and embroidering, the real talent taught in our house was clogging?
If any one out there in blog land want to see the roadshow of Vegas Vic(toria), This is the Day and Up the Hill I am sure I can talk Mitch into finding the VHS tape while he is at home during Thanksgiving and he can put that little piece of history out on youtube. I am sure there will be MILLIONS of hits on the first day. Vic(toria) do you still have that red striped outfit?

JENNIFRO said...

Good one Bubbles!!!