Sunday, November 23, 2008

Faces and Places


In my experience, few pastimes are more thought inspiring and intriguing than "people watching." I especially enjoy observing our species while traveling in a foreign country or unfamiliar city. Nick and I are similar in this way and are very content to settle into our seats and spy from a distance, no matter where we may be. I love the concept of the human experience and therefore prefer books, movies and art that fit my definition of what is "real." Whenever I look at The Sart I feel like I am sneaking a secret glimpse into the soul and psyche of another individual--much like people-watching. As I scroll through the photos, my eyes stare as my mind considers who they are, where they are going, what their homes and families look like and what kind of lives they have known. I love where my thoughts take me. It amazes me how many people dot our planet and that God knows each one. It is much to comprehend when I ponder it, but I am intrigued by the fact He put us here to act on His behalf.

For three or four Octobers, I feigned prophetic powers as I acted as a fortune teller at the Haunted Forest. If this experience taught me anything, it was that even the briefest encounter with another person can provide many accurate impressions and that there is no heart that does not respond to love and acceptance to some degree. By taking the hand of a complete stranger, holding it in mine, and lightly tracing the lines of their palm with my forefinger I consistently felt impressed that mankind as a whole is good. Through hundreds of encounters, I learned that most people hope to succeed, innately desire to contribute good to the world, and hungrily crave the sound of praise and encouragement. Never before or since have I felt such a connection to humankind. Years have past between those times and today, but the impressions of that experience remain with me. I believe that each of us has the ability to influence others for good and the effects of sincere sentiments and actions can be long lasting and even life-changing at times.

When I look beyond the colors, styles and clothes and into the faces of these photos, I see all that is familiar and unfamiliar, and I silently hope they get what they need.


New York

New York



New York


New Delhi


New Delhi

New York


partii said...

woowaah, a deeeeeeeep comment should go here......

"people are strange" - the doors

Lauralee said...

love your thoughts..I bet that was fun to see people's reaction when you were the fortune teller!

Ann Marie said...

Yes.. it's fun to peek into your mind every once in a while.
I love to "people watch" also, and have great stories from working out at the airport for 7 years.
Let's just say I learned ALOT people watching and observing.

Your partii is right. Good song for the post.

Mrs. Organic said...

I do this, too - to people I see in their cars. I imagine where they are going, how they are feeling, whether they live a tragic, happy or ordinary life (if there is any such thing as ordinary) and sometimes I write a mini-novel in my head about them.

What a great site - thanks for sharing.

Suzanne said...

I like to people watch myself. Although, I prefer live people rather than pictures. Movements, gestures, everything is very intriguing to me.

I agree that people in general want to do good. We just need to get the sleeping giants to awaken from within! -Suzanne

Jayne Layne said...

Well said. I too believe that most in this world would like to contribute and do good. I hope that they get to and they feel good about themselves. I definitely feel blessed to have my beliefs and because of them alone, I feel like I contribute and am a good person. I hope that there are other things out there that make people's lives feel successful and fulfilled.

So crazy to see the different cultures and different styles all throughout the world. Milan... Wow, imagine Grandma Miller wearing that :)

jill said...

What a great post! I bet you got choked up sometimes holding peoples hands at the Haunted Forest. There really are so many good people out there.

I'm a little nuts with strangers that are men, in my mind they're either precious, pitiable, or their child molesters. I think I need a counselor.

Laura said...

I remember working at the haunted forest with all of you guys--it was such a blast! Though I was always scaring people, not really changing lives like you :)! I love the pics on your blog and hearing about your family--I love all you guys!! Neither yours nor Nick's families can ever move...we would loose the whole ward! Laura Linton

Tiffani said...

I have to confess...I am a stalker. I love your blog. I think it is because I secretly (or not so secretly) wish I lived out East. I worked at the salon with ALL of your sisters and was in the mission with Johnny. I have twins so I keep checking to see if Jesicca has had hers and I came across your blog from hers. Anyway...I thought I should introduce myself since I love to read your blog.

VEGAS VIC said...

You're post today really came an an intereting time for me.
I came out of court today with a victim who had been stabbed at a party gone bad.
Coming behind me was a young man, his mother and father They were talking loudly as they wanted the judge to hear their comments of disapproval of the court. Soon the mother and the young man both had tears running down their cheeks. The boy that had just been sentenced was the brother and son of these other people. They all believed that the two boys had been victimized by my so called victims, not the other way around. The boy with the tears showed me where he had been stabbed that night, but the police didn't do anything about his cries for help, nor did anyone care that justice was not done for him.
As I looked as this family all I could see was two boys and two parents that loved and cared about each other. A mother crying for both her sons. One a defendant, the other a victim who swore his brother saved his life when he stabbed the other man. Like you say, all people want is a fair shake. They want to be understood and validated in this life. Not all who are appear bad or who seem undeserving of our are attention and respect are actually that.
Another thing I have learned is that I have a Pollyanna way of looking at things. I guess I am glad about that. I am glad that I don't automatically see the worst in people. Usually when I look into their eyes and talk with them, I think I see that part of them that they see in themselves.
And sometimes... I am Dead Wrong. The person is all bad. Long comment huh, but I just really agree with your summation of how people see and feel about themselves.. It was just funny to me that this very thing had been on my mind all morning.


JENNIFRO said...

Mom--I am so glad you took the time to write that. You are so perfect at what you do--I always think how lucky those people are down there to have you as their advocate. What an interesting experience--made me sad, though. Poor people.

Tiffani--Welcome!! Thanks for speaking up!

Rebecca said...

Great post! I enjoy Sart's website every one in a while. The styles alone fascinate me.