Monday, December 8, 2008

Stuff to Smile About

Thanks to Santa for the early delivery--my first SLR. I love it!

Girls night/ boys night out to Four Streams Country Club. Awesome food and chat. Matt had "use it or lose it" so he invited a tableful of guys to join him. He tried to "disinvite" the lovely wives but we didn't go down without fight. We ended up going anyway, sitting at our own table and observing the "boys club" from a distance. Too bad for them... the girls table is ALWAYS more fun!

Nothin better than late-night Rock Band! A few weeks ago I was driving my nephews home (14 and 16) and I said something about playing rock band. Eric said, "Wait a minute Aunt Jen, are you tellin' me you guys get together like a bunch of 15 year olds and play rock band?!" Sure enough. "Whoa!" he said, We should have a party!" It's good to be cool.

Wise Guys

Serious Shepherds

Joseph, Mary, and doll

Built by Nick.

Facebook Flashback

Our buddy, SPC, posted this on Facebook. Looks like I found the only 12 year old at BYU. I have no memory of Nick ever looking this young (or of my face looking so swollen)! Ahhh....vintage love that's something to smile about!


Ann Marie said...

Yay! First comment!
You look like you've had a good weekend!
All of the pictures are so cute..
Especially the facebook. He-He!

Your daughter looks ALOT like you.
We sported the same bangs.. Love it!

I think you should dig out more "blast from the past pictures!" There fun!!

Christian said...

Wow. You both look like you're twelve. That is crazy.

Lauralee said...

you both look so young! you are way cool- you rock band playin' aunt! have fun with your new camera!

Suzanne said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH I LOVE IT!!!! You look like, I don't know but it is so AWESOME of the 2 of you! So you play Rock Band, huh? How cool are you? One notch up.... one notch up! -Suzanne

Mitch said...

Hahaha. That's fun. I'm jealous you have an SLR too now. Those pics look good. The black and white ones look really cool. Have you used burst mode yet? Is it a D60 as well?

Jayne Layne said...

What great fun! The girls night out looks fun, and rock band with everyone even better! You and Nick look great in that picture! That is the Nick I first met, its crazy how you never realize the change in people until you see old pictures like that!

partii said...

what change Jayne? i still look young!!
see resemblance --------->

jill said...

What a fun post! I can't believe the picture of you and Nick! He seriously looks like he's fourteen going to his first church dance. You too for that matter.

Great pictures! Great dinner at the Country Club! Those Hansons, sure know how to spread the Christmas spirit around! Love the pictures of Rock Band by the way.

VEGAS VIC said...

Wait a minute! Did you and Nick ever look like that? I think someone took your younger pictures faces and put it on those bodies.
I can't remember you ever going to something formal. What was it?
The camera is great, so is the fact that you girls and guys have such a great time together. Keep it up.


JENNIFRO said...

Don't forget we were clubbies mom! We had lots of dressy events. Lovely dress you made me!

JenAve said...

Love your blog!

Jek said...

I can't even see nick in that pick!! I am jealous of the camera, especially right now when I want great pics of the boys.

Me said...

It looks like you had a great time. You live in a really neat area to be able to do everything that you do. I sometimes get alittle jealous.

And I love the flashback picture. It's always interesting to go back in time, isn't it?

funkitup said...

Jennifro I swear, I am so glad that is a picture of you and not me! You still look the same except for the swollen face! Jek is so lucky to have two baby boys...I want a few more you know? Kim tang...