Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Comeback

If this sort of thing gives you the heebs come back in a day or so. I have an aversion to this kind of catch up--you know the holiday kind, when the holiday is SOOO over. Not when you do it, mind you, just me. Yet for the sake of posterity...I journal on.

We had a nice big dinner at Mary and Nick's. Two separate menus for the kids and adults. The food was fantastic and it's so nice not having to do anything that's Mary's gift to all the women.

This year we had a big crowd which made it super fun in my opinion! It was festive and exciting to all be together. Mary's house is made for Christmas and winter. It was cozy and inviting with fires and good smells.

We draw names, both kids and adults and have a book exchange. This year I had Chief. He seemed happy enough with my choice. We go from oldest to youngest which forces patience upon the littluns!

Oh Camille, must you?

It was pretty crazy getting them all dressed but worth it in the end. They loved it and were cute and animated once they got to the barn .

Eric and Jamie are great sports...they were the narrators and kept the show moving!

Nicholas made his Joseph debut, Natalie was an angel, Mitchell a shepherd and Camille an obstinate star. It'll be sad when they're all too old for this. So for now it's fun to just sit back and revel in the noise, excitement and chaos...wouldn't want it any other way, really.


careymc said...

Re. below, I want my jiggle gone too (but I can't imagine YOU ever jiggling). ;) Your holiday looked lovely. I think the big family crowds are a hoot - sometimes exhausting, but worth it. Glad you enjoyed them. (man, your kids are beautiful!)

Lauralee said...

the book exchange is a great idea.. the nativity looks like fun! I wish we were around more family for holidays especially!

Ann Marie said...

I love every post you do.. Whether it is from the past or not.. I just love to see you post!

The Book exchange is such a good idea.. ~ And of course you would do a live Nativity.. Everything you guys do up there is magical..

You look so pretty in that picture.. LOL that Camille was not happy in most of the pictures.. It's so cute.. Maybe not then.. But it is now!
Have a happy Weekend!!

jill said...

Great post! It's fun to see the different pictures from the same night. It's also funny to see Camille crying, she's kind of like where's Waldo. Where's Crying Camille? She's a crack-up!

Great pic's!

partii said...

thanks for retro posting for posterity!
good times

VEGAS VIC said...

I am glad you had the come back. I loved seeing the picture. Always do. Great idea for the book exchange.

cheif and Mary are the best.