Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

February 24.......24 reasons I am blessed to have her.

1. She is kind to everyone...always
2. She is a self taught nurse and psychologist
3. She has the "perfect pitch"
4. She has a contagious laugh...I always laugh once she starts 
5. She taught her girls to clean (some better than others)
6. She never gossips and sees the good in everyone
7. She is generous and sensitive 
8. She is a near perfect employee and is VERY loyal
9. She loves her kids and grandkids and expresses it freely
10. She taught us by example that it's possible to have lots of kids and still find time to pursue personal talents and interests
11. She is very musical, creative, and artistic.  She's usually the mastermind behind every creative thing I do
12.  She can't draw worth beans (remember the horse drawing contest!)
13.  She loves her man and has been the greatest example to her kids of how to have a happy and fulfilling marriage
14. She will never let you down
15. She is the best listener I know
16. She is one heckuva a great ironer and believes it's every wife's duty to iron their family's clothes.....(some of us are proving to be great disappointments in this area)
17. She's beautiful inside and out.  I'm pretty positive several boys dated me because they liked my mother
18. She is the glue that holds the family together--ours and the one she was born into
19.  She is content (and patient enough) to sit back and observe--letting others have the attention
20. She rarely criticizes and sees the good in each of her children
21. She hates anything old, grungy, or peeling.  She especially detests motel carpets and bathrooms
22. She'd probably rather have a root canal without meds, than listen to you pop your gum or chew like a pig
23. She is a worrier, but now admits that 99% of the things that have kept her up at night, have never actually come to pass
24. She loves the color green and is a talented decorator

One more to make a wish on...

25. She is compassionate, funny and good at everything she does--whether it's pulling off a wedding or a children's choir production, she does it with grace and style.

I love you Mom.  You are everybody's friend. 
I hope you have a fabulous day.


jill said...

I LOOOOOVE mom!!! I can attest to the fact that she's all of those things and many more! She's the greatest blessing in my life.

JENNIFRO said...

I thought I was the greatest blessing....whoa--that cuts deep.

Ann Marie said...

I loved your tribute!!So sweet!

I can see why you girls are all so great.. You have such great parents! What are the odds that she is a fabulous decorator and all of you girls got the gene?
So lucky!!!

She is very Beautiful and I can see why you are all so pretty..

#16... Ya. I am so ashamed..

Hope you had a fun week with your family!

CrazeeAngee said...

Awww. I love that Karen Miller. She is one fine lady. Cute pic too!!

P.S. Jill, I thought I was the greatest blessing.. You are really spreading thin here.. Make up your mind... is it your mom, me or that crazy Jennifro... Me? Thanks!!

Hey Karen, it is really you. You are the BEST!! XOXOXO

Jayne Layne said...

Happy Birthday Mommy! You are the best Mom a girl could ask for. Everything Jennifer said was true! The other day Sandy asked me... In my eyes, what makes my mom great... I didn't even know where to start. There are SO many things that make you wonderful! Jennifer did a great job in listing them, but I know there are hundreds more.

Happy Birthday, I Love You!

Jon Layne said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Jayne says there are hundreds more good things about you, but I say there are trillions more.

Hope you have a great day!

Mitch said...

I guess if we HAVE to limit it to only 25 then that's all right. I could go on for hours. Love you Mama! May Aphrodite, the God of love, watch over you this day.

JENNIFRO said...

Aphrodite was a Goddess, Mitch.

Suzanne said...

Great pic! Sounds like one fine woman! -Suzanne

VEGAS VIC said...

I don't recognize that woman!

But it was sure nice.

partii said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Thanks for raising such a wonderful Jennifro.

Suzanne said...



Enjoy and you are very welcome!


Suzanne said...

PS Get the Apple Pie Caramel Apple, it is where everyone should start and it is hard to stray from. He he! -Suzanne

Up in Bubbles said...

Happy Birthday to the Best Mother-in law a girl could have. I would like to add on to the list. If me and John have a disagreement I know I can count on her to help him see anothers point of view.(mine) She is great in a crisis. Thanks for being you and so wonderful at that. We all love you and the boys and I miss you guys and can't wait to see you this summer. Happy Birthaday!

Up in Bubbles said...

So I am the only one that has not left a comment... what a poor sap of a son.
First off, my Mom rocks! period end of story!
I would like to add one more to the list:
Karen is a heck of a hairdresser! Karen is in her element if she has a blowdryer and a round black bristled, white handled Paul Mitchell brush in her hands. You may ask why? If any of you in blog world would like to see my hair-do in high school just walk into our home and ask to see our family picture circa 1990. My sweet loving mother did my hair almost everyday for two years. Knowing full well that I should not have been allowed out of the house with that wall of hair protruding upward 5 or 6 inches off of my forehead but she bit her loving tongue and sent me on my way. Mom your the best and happy belated b-day


Jek said...

No, i am the worst becasue i didn't leave my post either! Mom, you are the best. The fact that at the end of your LONG flippin work week with meetings galore, you offer to watch our three little kids on YOUR FRIDAY night. That is amazing and you are so nice and such a great example. You are probably the best example in the area of not spreading gossip. You NEVER talk bad about a single person and that honestly amazes me. You are the greatest and i have lots to learn! LOVE YOU TONS!!!!
Happy Birthday.

One comment... Maybe you should have spoken up about my hair in the same picture john is talking about.