Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Sugar!

Natalie's Nine! 
(I mean 2 and a quarter)

Here's to wishing our Leap Year Baby another great year!  There are lots of reasons we love having this little chick in our family name just a few....

1.  The girl is RESPONSIBLE!  She gets up first every morning, cleans her room, gets dressed and goes straight to the piano to practice.  What??!!!  True story.  Sometimes we even get breakfast in bed!

2.  She is what I would call a CHIC TOM BOY.  She loves jewelry, decorating, and cute clothes but can hold her own in any situation and loves to get as dirty and muddy as any crazy boy.  

3.  She is TOUGH!  This girl is like her dad.  She falls down, she gets back up.  If she's freezing--she presses on.  She is tough as nails and is a great little athlete and outdoorsy girl.

4.  Natalie is NICE.  There are many examples of Natalie coming home from school telling us about someone she stuck up for or made friends with.  She is always nice and sensitive to others which makes her parents super proud!

5.  Natalie is WACKY!  She is one of the silliest girls you will ever meet--watch out when she's with her cousins!  She has loads of energy and is always up for goofing around.

6.  Natalie is TALENTED.  It seems like anything this girl does, she does well!  She is an excellent piano player (fast fingers her teacher says) and an awesome horseback rider.  Not to mention, she has a great singing voice and acting skills!

7.  Natalie is SMART.  We are always so happy when it's report card day.  Natalie's grades are super and even better than that...she tries hard and has a great attitude.  We know Natalie will be great at whatever she decides to do in life.

8.  She is GOOD.  This is one of her best qualities.  Natalie is not afraid to stick up for her beliefs and is a very good example to her friends and family (especially her mutha!)  I am always wishing I had the natural goodness of Natalie...she is a hard act to follow.

9.  She is a LEADER.  I can't wait to see what a great babysitter Natalie will be.  She knows how to handle tough situations and is very capable and competent in just about everything.  I think she is a girl who has brains and sensitivity which makes her easy to follow and support.  

Happy Birthday Little Girl...
You bring happiness and fun to our lives 


Up in Bubbles said...

o yay first comment!!! Yipee!!
Happy Birthday Natalie you are so cute and fun and I love having you around. I hope you have a great day...catch you on the flip side.


Uncle John

CrazeeAngee said...

Happy birthday to our favorite gal around. You have a great name, you have a great smile, you have a great attitude, you have a great family, you have great hair, you are a GREAT girl!! We are so happy to know you, love you, spend time with you, laugh with you and see you grow up to be such a wonderful, pretty, sweet, helpful, righteous, honest, darling girl. Happy, happy, snappy birthday sweet Natalie!! XOXOXO Hope your day is extra special!!

Love, The Martinis clan down the road

eggy said...

Happy Birthday Cute Natalie!!!
Hope you have a fun day today...I was thoroughly impressed by your skiing skills last night! Your Dad is an excellent teacher for you young pups!

My favorite thing about Natalie? I love how she is genuinely interested in everything people have to say. Asks great questions and looks you in the eyes when talking with her like an old friend! You are a very sweet young lady and I am glad to know you and happy you are friends with my boys! Maybe you can go on a date with one of them in 7 years? ;)

Jayne Layne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Natalie you are my very favorite 9 year old and such a WONDERFUL niece! You are so fun to be around and you always make me so happy! You are such a great girl with such a great personality. You are also so BEAUTIFUL with hair to die for. You couldn't be more perfect little one. Hope you have a great day, and I can't wait to see you next!

One year older and wiser too.... Happy Birthday to you!

Uncle Jon (Layne) said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! You always bring a smile to my face. You are such a cute girl and I am glad to be your uncle!

See you at the beach!

Naomi said...

Natalie, I can't wait to meet you. I want you to babysit me when you are a little older. My mom said you are so great.

Happy Birthday, I love you already!

jill said...

I LOVE Natalie!!! She is such a special girl and I love her VERY much!!! I have so many wonderful memories of her as a little girl, and she only gets better with age.

I love you Natalie, you have so many gifts and talents, you are such a good example to my girls, and I'm SO grateful for that. Always remember that you are SOOOOOO loved by so many!!!

I love you Natalie, you are such a BEAUTIFUL girl inside and out!!!

jill said...

Hi Natalie! Happy Birthday! I sure do love you! You're a terrific girl and I hope that Caroline and Elizabeth grow up to be like you. You're smart, sweet, and beautiful!

Love you,
Uncle Rob

Mitch said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!! You're so lucky you have such a cool birthday. I can't believe you're so old!!! Before you know it, you'll be up here with me going to college. And i'm sure we'll be in the same classes cause i'm never getting out of here. I hope you have a super fun day today! Love you tons ma'lady!

VEGAS VIC said...

Happy Birthday Natalie,
We are so happy that you are our grandaughter. You have set such a good example for the rest of the girls in the family. They will all want to be like you in so many ways.
T=True to her faith
A=Authentic, one of a kind
E Everybody's friend

You're simply the best!
Have a great day.
Gpa and Gma Miller

Jek said...

OH my goodness, what GREAT compliments. I can't hardly top all that!! Everything is so true. I especially agree with ERIC. You always look into peoples eyes and really listen to what they are saying. That is a very nice quality. You are so sweet, smart, gentle and loving. The thing that i want my little girls to copy the most about you is.... YOUR IMAGINATION!! You are always dreaming and creaitng things and I love it. From your fairy house, to the fantastic books you made for Alexis when she was born. I can just tell that you are going to be the type of girl that EVERYONE wants to be like. I sure hope my girls follow your lead. I tell Alexis everyday that she reminds me of you. YOu were just the cutest little girl ever and Uncle Jason always said he wanted a little girl like you!!! It's TRUE.
Happy Birthday Birthday Girl!
love aunt Jek

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Your Natalie!

What a sweet tribute you wrote to her Jennifer!
All of the things you and your family has written to her sound very much like YOU also!

What a wonderful blessing to have such a sweet and beloved children!
Happy weekend to her your family celebrating!!

careymc said...

Happy B-day Natalie (and your cute mom)! That is a great picture (and I have always loved her name...). :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank you one and all!!!!!! and mom that

Chris said...

Sweet Natalie!

Happy Birthday! I think that you are a wonderful girl. I love your can-do attitude and your willingness to help. I love it when I get to spend time with you because you are so fun and creative. I hope this is a wonderful year for you and I hope we get to spend more time together.

Happy Birthday! Tons of love,


HallieAllie said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! We hope that you had a great day! What a neat thing it is to have a Leap Year Birthday! Love Ya! The Brill Family

Me said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!

I love the picture of her.

I just have to ask how you got such a sweet girl that is all those things you listed? Seriously, I have to fight with mine and she still doesn't clean her room or make her bed. You must be doing something right to be raising such a sweet girl!