Tuesday, February 17, 2009

V Day in the
City of Lights

I wish..... For now I'll have to settle for an Eiffel Tower made from PVC pipe planted in the Stake Center.   Third year in a row I've spent my Valentine's day and night getting ready for the big one.  

And this year it WAS big!  Over four hundred kids came and the place was packed.  It was probably a result of the invitation on Facebook (go FB!).  Anyway, it was a fun theme and the place looked great.

Pierre saved me as usual.  He came and set up the overhead lights, and the huge blow-up screen from the Haunted Forest.  It's so massive that one of the kids said, "Cool!  We got a moonbounce?"

We charged up the chocolate fountain that kept us happy all night... only 11 grams of fat per tablespoon--not bad.  

Had fun with the decorations--lots of black, white and crystals--splashes of red and pink here and there.

Our YM pres made a really cool black and white film from different still photos and Parisian films.  It set a great mood.  Tres romantique!

A few of my favorite mademoiselles.  So fun...to be young, happy and dressed to match your girlfriends!

This is Speed Dating-- a HUGE hit.  They ask each other questions for one minute then move to the next girl in line.  We finally doubled the chairs in the room cause so many kids wanted to do it over and over. After about fifteen minutes they've met lots of new people and know a little about them.  SUPER FUN.

Au Revoir!


Anonymous said...

wow that looks likr a lot of fun. Are dances were lame no wonder nobody ever went. Good job on the decor it looks great. Kel

Ann Marie said...

Looks like you can throw a good *church* party!!

Everything looks great ( no surprise there.. ) and I Loved the darling candlestick holders...

The speed dating idea is soo cool.
I have seen it on TV, but never in church dances, and I LOVE it!

After seeing the delish Chocolate fountain.. That's all I want for breakfast now.... :(

jill said...

I'm sure the pictures don't do it justice! You should have gotten a picture of the table linens as well, and I wish I would have seen more of the lights hanging across the room. The "Eiffel Tower" and the black and white signs look SO good, and I love the old Parisian feel that the still shots must have brought. Great job!!! What a lot of work!!

Suzanne said...

I think the speed dating is BRILLIANT!! I was talking with the youth and they are so bored with just dancing and the only question they can think of to ask each other is: What color is your tooth brush!! Totally AWESOME!! Well done! I have seen how much work has to go into those and you guys did an amazing job! -Suzanne

Laura said...

This looks SO fun...man, our church dances never looked like that:)Love the theme!

Megan said...

Great ideas--I am in YW presidency in LV and I might just have to steal that for our next dance. Nice job!

Rebecca said...

The decorations are adorable! What a great idea, who could resist a French theme?