Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

Little Darlin'

Man I'm happy! Like practically giggly. I'm sure it has lots to do with Spring and the sun shining hot but there's plenty of good stuff putting a skip in my step starting with baby Jocelyn up there. She's three weeks old and is absolutely beautiful. What an awesome surprise for Johnny and Kelley after three boys. I am thrilled for them and love that little doll.

Or perhaps it's my new poison. I've been taking this for a week and feel like a new woman. Who knows, it could be my new bra, but I feel great and figure this must have something to do with it. Anjie, our resident health care technician, swears by it so I jumped aboard. She knows her stuff and so far so good. I'm cleaning fast and furious and feeling energized. Buy it here and it's two for one.

Did you know baby sister is moving East? She's bringing her husband and kid along and is ready to make her way on the opposite end of the earth. We are more than willing to bring another into the fold, making the score 4:2 East Coast sporting a healthy lead.

Only nine more days till Ma and Pa land. Hopefully they won't be carrying any measles or swine flu on their person. I'm just curious as to whether or not they'll still be wearing their masks when they kiss the kids.

In order: Jill, Kelley, Kolette and Jen. Today was a fine day for laying out. That's right. I plugged in some 80's tunes, made salad and we sunbathed like schoolgirls on the back lawn. It was a fabulous afternoon if I do say so. We so modest.

We met Joan and she proved to be the accordion teacher of our dreams. She said that Nicholas is very talented and will make a fine little music maker. Mitch, who is mocking our choice of 2nd instrument, suggested bagpipes in lieu of the squeezebox. He said Nicholas is on the fast track to this if I don't reconsider. I beg to differ. Accordions are making quite a comeback my sources tell me.

Nick started carrying a purse. He hasn't lost his wallet OR his lipstick in days!

STATE OF PLAY. Though I am an ardent lover of Russell Crowe ("Maximus stop!") I do not have much hope for the movie. We just finished this BBC miniseries and it was so awesome! I would definitely watch this over the new one coming out. We loved it and stayed up late, late, late to finish. Super fast paced, complex plot...way good. Read more here.

Puppy love. Just not on my part. Little chick is loving every minute of her life watching Aunt Natalie's new pooch. Gracie is Darcy's replacement who was squished in the road about six weeks ago by her own dad. Sad but true. The little puff is nuts and sounds like a hysterical, suffering bird when Natalie leaves for school. When Nat plays the flutophone (which is what we used to call them) I mean the recorder (per her correction) she howls like a coyote on helium. Pretty funny. But the best is watching Camille slyly pick up her little cigarette turds with bare fingers and run them to the toilet before her mean mother can see what's happened. Atta girl. No squeamish kids here.

And last (but certainly not least) you can kiss your Kotex good-bye with the final item on my happiness-inducing list. I daresay nothing's come out this innovative since the Norelco Body Groomer. If you are a stranger to the Menstrual Mooncup, click here. Due to the private nature of this item I won't mention any names (anjie) but my good friend recommended this to me and from what I can tell it's a brilliant contraption. Not that I've ever used it, but with the going green movement growing ever stronger, I'd imagine it's the way of the future...

Sun, sun, sun here it comes!


VEGAS VIC said...

I was pretty much on board until that last gizmo. Don't know that I want to hear more.
All in all, fun post.

Jek said...

I am glad you are loving life. I love my life just a little monotonous lately. (sp?)

Mrs. Organic said...

Jocelyn is a doll and Nick should be a model!

I suppose the mooncup is better than the crocheted washable tampons.

CrazeeAngee said...

I thought your mom recommended the Mooncup.... or maybe it was your dad. That's it!! Big Johnny is the expert on menstrual cups!! You must have me mistaken for one of your kooky family members... Thanks for the mention however. I would have loved to be the one to have discovered that. It looks like a great baby cup though. I will let Finn try it out. I will have to cut the stem short. Wouldn't want him to get poked in the eye.

BTW, I learned an important vitamin lesson this morning... I took my packet (which makes me feel great friends) and got busy with other things and did not eat. About 30 minutes later I barfed my guts out so.... take with some food or you will be sorry. Those vitamins out your nose really sucks!! Also, if you are of the female sort, you should take extra calcium. Coral calcium being a better choice.

And for a future post (you should have Tia do a guest post...) Ladies, wait until you hear about the galvanic device! Start saving your pretty pennies!!

Bye for now.

Jayne Layne said...

I liked this post! Fun and refrshing! Makes me excited to be back there. Super depressed to leave here though!

I can't wait to meet that little Jocelyn, she is too darling!

Mitch said...

I'm still pissed Jayne is leaving with the Fam. Well, mostly just sad to see Naomi go but jayne and john are cool too. I still get worried that nicholas is on his way to singing song parodies. I'll continue praying for him. Thanks for telling me her name is Jocelyn. I'm glad no one has asked her name or i would have felt really stupid. Please don't talk about the galvanic device. I've heard enough about that machine to last me a good five years. I'm bout to hike the Y for the first time ever. I've caught the spring fever as well. In utah you have to really take advantage of the nice days. Cause it'll be 75 today, but 35 tomorrow. I'm still convinced that brigham young didn't have the spirit when he said "This is the place". There's just no way that could possibly be right. I think he messed up and should have walked another 800 miles west to california. that would have made a lot more sense.

Ann Marie said...

Angee needs to blog. :)

I love your happy post! I can tell that you are happy just by the way you have expressed yourself!! :)

Cute new baby! I got a new niece today too. Girls are so fun to buy stuff for! I love it!!
Congrats to the family!!

I am not a fan of the moon cup. Quite sicked out actually...

So sad that Jayne is leaving because now you'll never visit here anymore..But glad she is moving out there to you! :)

I'm guessing after Mitch's comment.. He'll be there soon also!

Ann Marie said...

PS: I'm not sure if I should laugh or throw up that your little chicky is picking up dog poo and running it to the toilet.... :)

careymc said...

Love this random post - - I had to copy you on the format. :) I didn't realize Johnny & Kelly had a little girl! That is great news!!!

Suzanne said...

What wonderful news on the baby!! Glad to see you post again, it was like a fresh breeze to hear from you.

Oquirrh Mountain is the set of mountians on the west side of the Salt Lake valley. You are probably familiar with the Wasatch, seeming that the Y is right at the base of the Wasatch mountains in the Provo valley, well our new temple is at the base of the Oquirrh mountains here in Salt Lake.

Every time they build a new temple, the people gather together to celebrate and thank Heavenly Father for the temple. Since we have 2 new temples here in the Salt Lake Valley, they are combining the celebration into a 2 day event at the Conference Center (where General Conference is held). We are talking about 13,000 youth singing and dancing in front of the prophet for a 2 day event. They informed the Stakes of this event at the beginnig of March. Other temples have had a full year to prepare, we got 3 months. Pleasant? I think not! Haha! Honoured to have the priveledge to be part of this event!

Love ya lady! I hope things are well with you. I need to email you because I am looking for some suggestions on a few things. Expect an email from me some time this week.....well, maybe! Ok, soon! Haha! -Suzanne

Kimmie said...

I just have to tell you, you got me singing "Here comes the sun" all day. I couldn't get it out of my mind after reading your post!

BTW...I LOVE your clever, fun writing style and I just have to let you know that I laughed so hard reading this post and it was WONDERFUL to have laughter and happy thoughts since it has been a drizzly spring week.

Thanks for making my day a happy one with your fun wit and humor! Have a wonderful day and week!