Friday, April 24, 2009

Knock, Knock

Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad it's the weekend? 

I made that joke up believe it or not.  I don't know what the deal is, but I never have time anymore.  Somewhere in the last month I have literally lost about four hours a day.  I have no idea how it happened but I am always running behind or catching up.  I'm trying to figure out what's changed.  Blogging used to seem effortless now it seems sort of impossible, along with keeping my house clean, showering and the other need-to's.  Maybe I'm just highly unorganized...actually that's probably it.  I'm determined to get hold of the reins again. 

Does anyone have a solution for me?  I feel like I'm spinning and aimless a lot of the time and I hate it. Maybe I need to do what the founder of Ikea does (I read it in an interview) and break my day up into 10 minute increments so never a moment is wasted?  Can you imagine that!  For some reason I don't see that working for me.  I'd be curious to see how other people order/structure their days.  I tried the Ma Ingalls approach, didn't work.  I tried making a huge wall calendar but I never filled it in.  I have a planner in my purse, but I usually forget it's there. Maybe I need the Fly Lady.  Aren't I little old to be trying to figure this out...I really should have this solved at my age.   

Que es me problemo?


Mitch said...

That's where i lack as well. I have absolutely no ideas to help you. I find that most utah mothers turn to Meth. Maybe you should start researching that a little bit?

JENNIFRO said...

You are a freak that's why I love ya, Bruder!!

Ann Marie said...

Mitch's Meth comment LOL!

Would ya call me?
I hate to start giving advice when I'm not sure what your days are like.... I get LOTS done when I chat and work!!

Blogging should be enjoyable.. If you need to, take a break for a while.. I admit...I'd miss you but I understand completely.

I wondered if you were going to go private as well..

Hope to HEAR from you soon.. Maybe sometime next week? ;)I hope?

Jek said...

Ditto your post. Forward any suggestions my way.

Jayne Layne said...

Or you can take my approach... Sheer laziness. I am moving in three weeks and haven't done a thing, there are days I don't even get out of my Gs now that I work from home and have a baby. I am sure Jon loves coming home to me like that... Oh well whats the use when all I want to do is kiss my baby's face off? I at least do taht everyday.

VEGAS VIC said...

Are you sure you want me to give you advice on that?

Natalie said...

Try Crystal-meth.

Jek said...

Did Natalie just say that??

Mitch said...

I was wondering the same thing jek. No more internet or public schooling for the kids.

The Romneys said...

Jen, you are hilarious. I love your posts. I don't think I can top any of the meth comments, so I'm not sure I should even try to offer any suggestions! And besides, I'm with Jayne--all I do all day is kiss my baby's face off.