Friday, June 19, 2009

Beautiful Day

Going to Lucketts used to be one of my very favorite things to do. Since I started selling out at the shop, some of the dreaminess and anticipation of making the trip has worn off. Seems anything we're obligated to do kills the fun sooner or later. I used to take my time, stop along the way, ooh and ahh over the beauty...Nowadays it's sort of a mad rush to get there and back in record speed. Last time out, I was determined to savor the experience and recapture some of the old charm I used to feel so I snapped photos going and coming.

It was easy to remember why I love it..


Ann Marie said...

Yay first!

Ann Marie said...

I love the photo of your drive there.. so charming!

After seeing the store photos.. I want to go shopping!

I love that sheep photo and the one under it with the home in it.. They are lovely!

I love all of the white! Love it!
It makes me so exited to paint my hutch.. If it will ever quit raining.. then I could tackle it!

One day, if I ever make it out there, I wanna go shopping to that store! :) I bet you have some darling jewelry!

Tiff said...

I want to go to Lucketts! Maybe next time you go you can just swing by NC and pick me up? ;) I would make it sooo much fun!

Me said...

I saw this earlier today and was in awe. I was so in awe, that it took me 5 hours to comment.

What a beautiful drive. And the store is so neat. I'll bet Ann was just drooling at the mouth.

It's funny how we just start taking things for granted. You do the drive now because you have to rather then want too. I'm sure it would become a beautiful drive again if you were going for pleasure. We all have those in life. Way to go to recognize it though! It's always fun to see something you do all the time with new light.

Suzanne said...

Looks to me you found joy in the journey! Good for you my friend! Good for you! -Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Your and yours will be missed at the Miller Reunion today. What fun for all of your to be in Maryland for your reunion and then for most of you permanently. Love to all, Nancy

VEGAS VIC said...

Makes me want to come out. No wonder you have all migrated there.

careymc said...

We missed you guys today! Man, it looks beautiful back there. I'm so happy for you to have (almost) all your siblings back there with you!

Tammy said...

Is that YOUR store?