Saturday, September 12, 2009

True Confusion begets True Colors

Look at the time.  I've been sitting here since 9:30 trying to write a YW talk, the theme being "Personal Progress Colors Your Life."  I got nothin.  But I did write this poem about the values they probably won't get.  Let me know which ending you prefer and if you think the girls will look at me with the queer eye...


My true colors run deeper than my skin
they tint my soul and reside safe within

My true colors incumbent from the start
with their splendid hues they reveal my heart

White, it whispers of an infinite plan
as a child of God, I know who I am

Blue like the sky with its sun and it's shine
my mind is assured my nature's divine

Red, rich in power it speaks to my will
I have a mission I'll strive to fulfill

Green it is ripe with new life and yearning
like earth where I grow, seeking for learning

My true colors run deeper than my skin
they tint my soul and reside safe within

Orange is fluid and burns like a flame
presenting a choice, a will I must tame

Yellow it grows as it sweeps-wide and lifts
nurturing others I gather the gift

Purple births awareness of right and wrong
my actions are steady, my courage strong

Gold in it's splendor brings joy that is pure
a pathway of virtue, love that endures

My true colors run deeper than my skin
they tint my soul and reside safe within

My true colors are Gods gift of beauty
to set them free, my innermost duty


I'll set them free, it's my sacred duty


Up in Bubbles said...

wow that was awesome! Did you really just write that? If so can i be your manager and we go after a poem writing deal?

JENNIFRO said...

who are you? J or K?

Mrs. Organic said...

Wow that was great! And I like the first ending best.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the last. What a gift you have my dear. Aunt Nancy

Jek said...

WOW! Awesome poem. That was great! I agree with Nancy, the last.

Ann Marie said...

Ok.. You seriously should have copyright this.. before it gets shared all over the net!
Man.. do you just oooze talent in um.. everything???

Pretty soon your gonna be hearing this in the YW general meeting! he-he.. seriously.. if I was in YW right now.. I'd steal/borrow it..

Put your name on it girl.. and I like the last one better too.. seems to "flow" nicely..

jill said...

How about
"to set them free is my sacred duty"

Fabulous poem big sis! That was really good!

Yes Ann Marie the girl does ooooze and bleed talent (it's a little sickening ;0))

Mitch said...

Good work sista! I think it'd be a better fit with "either set them free, or take a dooty". It really has a lot of meaning if you TRULY TRULY look deep within. Good poem ma'lady! Stick with my ending and it'll be a hit for sure.

Suzanne said...

Great poem! My vote is the second ending. Ties in with the covenants they made in the PMS. (That's Pre-Mortal Sphere, what were you thinking?) haha! Good luck with your talk! -Suzanne

Kimmie said...

I am always amazed at your wonderful talent with is such gift you have!!

I like both endings...the first one has more depth, but the last one flows better.

I bet the YW in your ward just LOVE you!! I have never read a better poem about the colors/values. You are one talented lady!

Have a great weekend and I hope all goes well with your YW talk.
PS...I LOVE the colorful photo you posted at the first. You have the most unique art/photos that you post.

VEGAS VIC said...

I like the last ending the best, but I think I would play with the way Jill worded it too. Either way the poem is very good. Best yet.

Jayne Layne said...

Very impressive. Seriously. lately I have been a little bummed that my writings don't even touch yours. You have a way with word lady! Doesn't matter which one I like best cause its over, BUT I will say the second cause I can't remember the first!

partii said...

I'm continually amazed.

Walker-Party of 5 said...

I love the poem! If you read it slow enough you have your talk! I prefer the last ending too. Then make sure you sign your "artwork." Does the New Era have an art contest like the Ensign does, it would be a great entry.

Lisa and Bill said...

AmAzInG!! I love it! And your friends are right-you should have it copyrighted! I'm in the Stake YW's & I might steal it to share w/our YW. You are super talented in everything & truly blessed & so gracious to share with everyone. I like the last ending but they both are excellent!

VEGAS VIC said...

This is the real VV here. Having taught poetry for 33 years, and having the respect of myriads of esteemed poets both living and dead, I wish to second the fact that you have a gift. Send it to the Ensign, but do not tell them who your real father is!!!