Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We leave bright and early for baby brothers wedding.  I'm so happy he's so happy.  Jenni is a DARLING girl and having her as part of the family will be wonderful.  Not to mention another name duplication..just what we need!  Three Mitch's, three Nicks, two Natalies, two Jennifers, three Johns...don't get me started on the copycat middle names.

Also, it will be awesome to walk the streets of Provo and Springville and show the kids BYU where mom and dad met in a game of truth or dare.  Not to mention giving lots of hugs to aunts, uncles and cousins.  It's going to be a fabulous time.  Love you Mitch and Yenni #2!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. They truly are "The beautiful people."

Me said...

Have fun! The weather should be nice here in Utah for the next couple of days. I can't believe that we'll be in the same time zone either.

milhouse said...

i am here now and the marriage buzz is in the air.

SaraBerry said...

I am so bummed that we can't be there! I will be thinking about you all, and wishing we could be there! We love you!

Ann Marie said...

Is the first one their announcement? It is DARLING!!

I hope their day is magical.. and I hope you have LOTS of fun in Utah! The canyons are just starting to change colors.. Beautiful!

Take lots of pictures!

Suzanne said...


It was so great to meet you and all of your sisters!! Truly a moment I feel so blessed to be a part of. I cannot believe how gorgeous you all are in person and how lovely and kind you guys are. Truly a classy family! Thank you again for having dinner with us! -Suzanne