Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog Friends and
the Beehive State

The first thing we did when we got to Utah was meet Ann, Suzanne and Katie for dinner. We are still talking (months later) about what an amazing time we had. These girls were so darling and fun in person and it was more like reacquainting with old friends than meeting new ones. The whole blog experience has added a totally unexpected happiness to my life. What a cool concept it is.
We had a great time showing the kids Temple Square and all the goes along with it. It was a wonderful family are the best.


Ann Marie said...

Amen to what you said about Blog friends.. :)

I have never met a family before that has such amazing daughters. Seriously.. EVERY one of you were not only beautiful on the outside.. but the most beautiful inside as well. Seriously!! All of you!! You must have some amazing parents...

Glad you visited Temple square..

jill said...

I LOVED meeting our new Utah friends!!! That was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!!

Suzanne said...

Oh!! What a relief that you had a good time!! I was so nervous and it is so hard to be myself and nervous at the same time. We loved meeting you guys!! It was so much fun to giggle as if we had known each other for a long long time! You guys are amazing! -suzanne