Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cup o' Mouse

What is it with us and mice? Two nights ago Nick, Chief and I were snuggly settling into 24, when we hear Natalie combust into hysterical screams, "There's a mouse in my room! There's a mouse in my rooooom!!"(x 50) Soon Camille is bawling her guts out--so I elbow Nick and he climbs the stairs to find the girls crawling all over each other on Camille's bed with frenzy in their eyes.

Chief and I stay downstairs where he proceeds to tell me about the time his kids found a mouse in their house. Picking it up by it's tail, Chief promised the innocents he would take it outside and let it go. Instead, he plopped the poor unfortunate into the toilet and, well, swoosh. Duty done, he returned to report that the mouse was safely let loose in the woods. Let this be an admonition in checking for "floaters," because early the next morning one sleepy son tiptoed in to relate that there was a mouse swimming in the toilet that looked a lot like the one from the night before. But I digress...

After the light was turned on, floor pillows kicked aside, and the dollhouse shoved about, the bug-eyed boogey mouse revealed himself to be nothing more than a two inch baby. Taking comfort in this newfound knowledge, the shrill wailing turned to manic cooings of "Ohhhhhhhh look Daddy! It's sooo cute! It's soooo cute! Catch it!" Try as he might, the father failed, and they watched it scamper into the boys room only to arouse more after-hour excitement. In summary: baby mice are without fear. Or, this one at least, has had very little (if any) formal training. He's been running willy nilly through our upstairs for two days. We've each taken a turn shouting, "Ahh! there it went!" Yesterday morning following his pre-dawn bathroom pizzle, Nicholas came to my bed and whispered "the mouse just ran in your room." Later in the day, Alexis and Camille found a mouse hole in the side of the linen closet and smothered the edge with cheese. Then, lying on their stomachs, propped on elbows, they proceeded to whisper and wait. Not ten minutes passed before they ran in panting, "We saw da mouse Jennifuh!" It ate the cheese!" Like I said, no training. Ate the bait as the giants lorded over him.

So tonight, when Nick walked out of the steamy bathroom offering a cup in one hand, and shrouding his bizness with the other, I was charmed to meet the brave little bandit. Won't the children be pleased in the morning!

Read here for the real mouse adventure.


VEGAS VIC said...

Cute story, but it creeps me out big time!

Jayne Layne said...

Really don't enjoy the thought of having mice in my house... creeps me out too, but a baby mouse is cuter than a large rat mouse...

Suzanne said...

I think you should keep it and name it CJ. That's for Chief Jr. I have something I am going to send you by email on this very subject, so keep your eyes peeled! Hope you are having a wonderful day! -Suzanne

jill said...

You and your clan do get plenty of mice action! I hope and pray we never do, they keep me up at night. That was so funny about Alexis saying "Jennifuh!" And that's hilarious that your house mouse has had no formal training. Where's Fievel or Stuart Little when you need them?!

Ann Marie said...

When you said that Camille was screaming.. I thought " Hold the sad/dead little mouse Camille?"

Why is everything small cuter.
( well almost everything .. :)

So what became of it's fate?
Is it gonna live stay living there?

Chad and I are pretty sure that our home used to be a Mouse and Rat hotel. When we moved in.. I had never cleaned up so much mouse poo in my life... Well.. we moved out our old tub.. and even found some there. They were everywhere here too! :(

Jek said...

Now that was some good entertaining writing. Loved every minute!

Jennifuh, may change to Jennifer in three weeks!

Amanda Cheek said...

I wanna be you for a week. I'm sure the entertainment is never ending around there!

Kimmie said...

Okay, so this post made Tracy and I laugh SO hard!

Your way with words, your "choice of certain words" is awesome. Oh to have the talent to be able to creatively express ones self so well... That is something that I definitely am not good at.

You exude talent in everything you do. Your creative writing style, your magical touch with decorating are amazing!

I always go away happy after visiting your Blog.

Thanks for your friendship and for all of your positive and uplifting notes you leave. Have a wonderful day!