Saturday, February 13, 2010

Global Warming
and other frivolities

Last weekend we hit the motherload! It started snowing and just didn't stop. This storm meant business... quite different from the gentle fall at Christmas. It was awesome to behold, til the power went out. For days...

We didn't mind too much the first day. We stayed by the fire and slept there at night. Even brought the dog in the living room to keep her from freezing solid.

Nick did his usual plowing out. He even had a brief love encounter (WWJD?) with our hateful neighbor. We know now that it was too good to be true. Oh well... some people thrive on the anxiety brought on by conflict!

At long last, I could walk on my icy floors no longer and we ventured to Jills who by some miracle still had power.

little pathway


And here's where we sat for the day and into the night. It was fun and such a welcome relief to the cold. I used to wonder how in the world people froze to death in their houses, I mean with beds and blankets and all... I sort of get it now. They announced Sunday that school was closed on Mon and Tues much to the kids disappointment. We left on Monday for our annual Williamsburg winter trip with Chief when another storm hit and the school cancelled it all together. We spent a chilly day in the town with just us and ended up having an awesome time.

We were eager to get home on Wednesday to see the insane storm at home. Blizzards, white outs, lots more snow. We got lots of txts saying "stay put!" but you know my manly man. "Naw, it'll be fine!" It was, but sorta scary at some points...with horrible visibility and snow thick on the freeway. There was hardly any one on the roads. We were actually the lone car once we got on 270.

clueless kids in the back. taking pics of the pets.

Needless to say, school was out all week. I finally, I mean finally finished the girls room with a little accoutrements.. I don't know why I procrastinate the simplest of tasks.

cute enough

cute enough

even ordered last curtain panels

Then I painted Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the boys. They're having a Suess room, which some may think is babyish but Nicholas agrees is cool. Think whimsical and quirky.

Last night Nick took the older ones skiing and my partner and I stayed home and finished our artwork. It's been a wonderful week of nothing. I'm just glad the planets warming like it is....


Suzanne said...

Wow! I want to say that I feel bad that you guys have had ssooo much snow, but I think that in itself it looks to have been quite the adventure for all of you! That is some insane amount of snow! I am glad to hear that you are all safe and sound and warm and happy!

BTW - I had to wipe the screen because I was drooling over your daughters bedroom. LOVE IT!! You did a wonderful job and it is gorgeous! Please post pics of the boys room when you are done! You have such a talent with decorating! Hope your weekend is warmer and continue on with the adventures! -Suzanne

Up in Bubbles said...

Wow, good job on the girls room it looks darling of course. I wish I would have used my time to get some things done, but I am the master of procrastination. Can't wait to see it in person as well as the boys room.

Jayne Layne said...

Great update! the girls room I'd awesome! So adorable! Snow days were so fun, but honestly, Summer needs to put the pedal to the medal

Jayne Layne said...

I do know it's metal...

VEGAS VIC said...

Whole post was darling. Loved the girls room and I know the boys room will be equally as darling. I really cannot believe the amount of snow you got. I think it was to send the message to Washington, right up close and personal that they are off base. haha

Mitch said...

Sweet Post ma'lady. Looks kind of hellish/fun. I can't believe how much snow you guys have gotten this year. It's crazy. I'm glad that hasn't been the case with Utah. And i won't care next year either. Wish we could have been there with you guys. Stay cool Jennifer. Hags.

Ann Marie said...

I would say that snow is incredibly beautiful and awesome.. and how lucky you are to have it.. until I saw the "no power" and then I really felt for you.

Your home is lovely in every season.. and this snowy haven looks picture perfect to me. :)

It was SOO exciting and FUN to see that you have been decorating!
I LOVE it!!!!!
The chandelier.... the crown molding.. the colors.. it's all my eye-candy and I adore what you did!

So.. 2 questions.
1- What is in the white frame? Scraps from dresses/quilts?
2- Where did you get the beds?
I bought Tenney an antique one like it.. and have been waiting to find a match for Mary Caroline. No luck yet.. but just in case...let me know.. ( if you don't mind. )

Hope you will show the boys room. You continue to amaze me with your artistic skills woman. :)

PS: I saw Young Victoria this weekend. Oh. MY. WORD. LOVED it more than I can express.
2nd favorite movie of all time? YES.

Danny Boy and Us said...

Hey Jennifro, we lost power all Saturday too. I was getting really worry but then it came back at 11 pm.
I love those pictures that you posted. And your girl's room is beautiful.
Did you know we're expecting twins? YES! How crazy is that? I'm due sometime in May. We're really excited. Hugs, Anabell

Anonymous said...

Little House in the Big Woods comes to mind when I read your blog, Jennifer. Loved, loved, loved that book. The room is adorable. So girly. Thing 1 and Thing 2. How clever. Spent most of Saturday sitting on the beautiful love seat crocheting and talking to your great parents. Karen in her P.J's and enjoying her day off. It was a great R and R and Las Vegas temps were heavenly. Loved the green -- green everything. Had dinner with Saundra, Karen, John and Sherie (until she had to leave to go eat Tyler's dinner he was fixing). Nice, nice weekend. Glad to be home. Aunt Nancy

Kimmie said...

WOW! Your snow photos are gorgeous. I especially love the one where the white door is open and the snow is piled on the trees. I don't know how you even got the doors open.

Our previous Bishop and his wife are serving a mission in the DC Temple and posted photos on Facebook. They can't believe all of the snow that has fallen and how things just "shut down" when it snows.

LOVE the photo of your kids in the car and I love seeing that you and your family just take things in stride.

You and your family have SO much fun and thank goodness for dads to keep the fun going when no one else wants to. It's fun (and sometimes a little scary) being married to such an adventurous soul. Nick and Tracy sound a lot alike in that department.

I absolutely LOVE the paint color, trimwork and details of your daughter's rooms. WOW, you are SO artistic and talented in decorating. Did you paint the stripes on the wall, or is that wallpaper? Whatever it is I LOVE it! It is a masterpiece.

I also LOVE your idea for your boys room...Dr. Seuss is SO whimsical and fun. I can't wait to see how you decorate with that theme.

You are such a sweet mom to your kids and the bottom photo just made me smile.

OH and you in your Leopard whatever it is you are in-laws gave me a "Snuggie" for Christmas in that exact print.

You never cease to amaze me and what a joy it is come to your Blog. Hope this finds you having warmer days. Thanks for the "Sunshine" today.

careymc said...

Good gravy, that bedroom is darling. NICE job! That snow looks beautiful - - fun that could hang out with the fam through the storm. :) PS - My boys think your dad is the bomb.

jill said...

Your talents run deep my friend! I LOVE your girls room!!!!! I WILL love your boys room and I can't believe how "spot on" your Thing a ma jiggers are, they look JUST like the Thing one and two! I had a great time with everyone at my house! It was a great way to pass the time...