Monday, September 27, 2010

"Forty is the old age of youth,
fifty the youth of old age."
~Victor Hugo

Well, according to my man, Victor, I've got another decade to play and be young! I thought he was wise in Les Mis, but this quote takes it for sure! Yes, forty has come and gone, and I can't say I'm thrilled with the milestone. I'll never be one of those women you relishes in getting old, but I am coming to terms with it. I think if I had my way, I'd stay 36--I believe that's prime. My kids would be right where I like them, wrinkles on the verge, the body still spry and springy, a newfound inner confidence has emerged... but alas..

So to celebrate, the family threw a little something at the Hansons--just what I wanted. Food, fun, family, friends. Nick gathered letters from those I love, and Anjie compiled it into a memory book for me. Of course that was my favorite gift of all, and will always be something I cherish--the extra good ones will be broadcast at my funeral!

enjoying Rob and Johnny's synchronized swimming

he ain't heavy.. he's my brother

Repent sinners!

we believe!

purple passion

I'm gonna marry that girl!



game girls

team "cheat"

minute to win it!

sore loser

this feels obscene


and there she goes!

"Life begins at Forty?"
I'll let you know.


Jek said...

I got quite the attention in the blog. only one problem, i am not pregnant, but in the second pic down of me i look very 4 months pg.
Great post, fun fun night! I especially like the satanic ghost photo of Raw.

You look like a very youthful 40!! congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Babe! You ain't seen nothing yet!!!! Love you -- all forty years worth. Aunt Nancy

Suzanne said...


If I look half as good as you at friend, you are one pretty woman. It doesn't matter what your age. 4 months later for your birthday post. Way to go! LOL

I send you all of my positive vibes and love. Love ya! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

From what I hear.. life DOES begin at forty! :)

I can HONESTLY say that I feel more grown up and mature than my 20's and early 30's. With age comes wisdom.. and many other good things!!!

LOVE all of the pictures.

So grateful they had a fun party and spoiled you. :) You deserve it!

You are beautiful.. and just get PRETTIER with age.. so I think you have much to look forward to with each year.

Love ya lots. XO

partii said...

So when does this wisdom with age kick in?

Mitch said...

Depression level at 40%.........63%......77%......92%......100%!!! <------ That's a pretty accurate description of how i feel while moving down the page looking at all those pictures.

Happy Birthday again grandma :)