Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Oh, What a Perfect Day"
(the the)

It was a most idyllic day, the kind that fills you full of contentment and happiness from beginning to end. What a rarity! It started when Nick fired up the dingo and dumped wood chips everywhere then I spread them with the rake. We are both so happy with our new plants and can't wait to see them flourish.

As I smoothed the chips and soaked up a bit of gorgeous sun on this breezy, bug-less day, the kids picked rotten tomatoes for Anjie and Eric's chickens, and I heard them yell.."Look it's a HUGE watermelon!" which they promptly cracked open and ate on the lawn. Sweet and simple.

Getting our backyard landscaped was my birthday present and I am thrilled with how it looks; it's breathed a new outlook into us all. We love the possibility of having a beautiful view.

I spent at least an hour watering while my ipod performed it's prettiest playlist and my mind produced lovely thoughts-- like how perfect life can feel at times. Eric Hanson stopped by looking for a kayak and we enjoyed a simple chat, then E&A drove up the driveway to say they were heading to the harbor early so Finn could nap. Both visits elevated my mood even higher, like this ship...

When morning turned to afternoon, we took a ride to National Harbor with just a handful of our favorites..

Calleva has been working on the project this past year so we went together to give it a whirl. Zipline, giant swing, pirate ship ropes course, moms and dads, friends are family, babies and kids everywhere--I felt sublimely content. I'm telling you... idyllic day. It's not so much what happens but how you see it, I reckon?

"Oh, what a perfect day
to think about my silly world"


Anjie said...

So many posts.... so little time. Good job cupcake. Nice to see you back from your writer's block/busy summer/lack of interest/ bloggie vacation! It was a fun day. Your yard looks fab. Hope mine follows suit. Welcome back now keep it up!! Let's print away this December!! We will be so proud! XO

Anonymous said...

You are right, perfect day. Keep them coming. Aunt Nancy

Jayne Layne said...

I loved this day too! I didn't realize that others were on my same page... not that you wouldn't have been, it was a blast! I truly just LOVED that day at National Harbor...

I also LOVE your yard. It looks so great and polished. Its amazing, and the sitting area is gorgeous as well!