Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black Sabbath

This was the first year in many, we didn't venture out to the forest on Halloween. I'd like to request that Halloween never fall on a Sunday again. It really throws me off and I was in a funk for the night. waaaah...... The Trunk or Treat was fun and fulfilled the kids Halloween expectations... so I don't know why I was on one.. guess I just don't like things different? In reality, it was pretty nice taking a year off from tromping all through Kentlands by myself. Though they went with their cousins anyway, while I sat on Jill's couch holding her darling bitsy baby and Dad played chess with Nicholas-- who too, was out of sorts. That kid is the boy version of me. Sorry kid.

Jek spoke the leftovers.
She's one of those lucky gals who can eat seven lbs of candy and not gain an ounce!
Good for you, Jek! Have another Milk Dud!


jill said...

LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!!! Jek can really pack it away huh?! She NEVER gains any weight, especially in her face...

Great pic's!

Jek said...

oh my heck! I guess i will never complain about pregnancy nose again. Oh, wow, off to the garbage the halloween candy goes now.

Ann Marie said...

Hahahaha.. I love the app of Jek!
I have seen some of the old people apps and they are hystarical!!

Ya.. I wasn't loving Halloween on Sunday either. It was a weird day.

You know what would MAKE a happy week? A phone call sometime.
Just saying..

Ann Marie said...

oh and.. I'm pretty sure ALL of YOU girls could eat 10 pounds of Halloween candy.. and not gain an ounce! SERIOUSLY!!!!

Suzanne said...

BAH!! That photo of Jek is HI-larious! I don't think Jek could EVER get like that. Darling costumes for the children! Hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween and you get lots of rest from the HF! -Suzanne

partii said...

Finally titled your post after your favorite band in high school!