Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Wink and a Smile!

October Mish-Mash Come and Gone

it's all good!

lovely fall light and leaves

pops checkin' in

mother's watchful eye

heeeeeere kitty, kitty!

swing from the tree

men at work

i spy.. someone with bell's palsy

nearly water tight!

appetizers at my house then haunted forest

don't think anything can compare to valerie and terry's
hard-core gladiator-type jousting on the log

went on the haunted hayride and trail 2

sandra and jane b. braved the death jump (tough chicks!)

lots of laughs and no pics

same time next year!

when Eric showed up at the EF like this, I could not believe how literally
he'd been hijacked by Billy Bob hick from Hell..

Jek and I work the magic at the enchanted forest

is it 9:00 yet?

man of our nightmares

big daddy meets the haunted forest!

It's been a non-stop month of the good, the bad
and most certainly, the ugly!


Ann Marie said...

I look forward to talking to you.. after this post.. I have so many questions!!

Love all of the photos..

I think Eric wins for Ugliest overalls I have EVER seen. I hope he made them.. and such things haven't been sold anywhere.. :)

Hope the HF was a huge success!

Suzanne said...

I agree with Ann, there's a story you are leaving out. It looks like a good times at the HF. Some of those men would have creeped me out, but I would have happily hung out with the witches! Sending my love! -Suzanne

Tiff said...

No photos of valerie and terry jousting on the log? Bummer! I would have loved to see that!

jill said...

Great fun!!! You have the most festive house of anyone I know... I can't wait for Christmas! LOVE, the pictures of dad!! He's REALLY scary- BOO!