Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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I believe the next line goes "there is no other place that I'd rather be." Can't say that's altogether true. There have got to be lots better places than the couch I'm on. This morning Nick came down the stairs, after I let him sleep in and said, "do the blog." An hour ago when I went upstairs to tidy, I saw that he had made the bed.

My bed is always made. Pretty much always. Even if everything else is a dump, or I clean my room at 7:00 at night, I still make the bed. I think it's only right if you're the last one out, that you make it. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't, but this morning it was the making of the bed that compelled me to pen a quickie--though I'm sure he'd rather hear the story of Thanksgiving. I've had a snapshot of this post in my mind for awhile.. a few things that are part of me and mine, now.

Most importantly was the arrival of William Winfield Bond just over a month ago.. No that's not him, but rest assured he's just as darling. I am under his spell and realize there is something wrong with me when it comes to newborns. They literally make me miserable. I want them. And every time one is born close to me, it opens again the internal dialogue about whether or not I should have another. (yes? no? your eggs are archaic) Oddly I am not a baby-hungry type nor have ever been, but the smell of a fresh one gets me every time.

Fall has come and gone in such a flash that I literally don't remember it happening. I have nothing to define it by this year. I didn't go to Waterford or Homestead Farm.. nor did I put up my autumn preserves! Just kidding I never do that. I haven't even gone out back and rooted and rolled in the leaves with Lucky.. now you know I'm serious.

Last month we waved good-bye to the bus. The kindergarten bus. After a brief six-week stint, we decided to pull Camille out. There are several reasons why, but mostly we just want her to be older. After reading Girls on the Edge (a must read), I am a believer that all girls will need every ounce of help they can get, growing up in this world. Age and maturity will be our starting point, when it comes to school. I can't say it's been easy--she misses it and I have yet to find something to do with all the free time but I don't regret our decision.

The same week we were agonizing over Camille, little brother was struck with the palsy. I looked over at Mitchell during church and noticed part of his smile was cockeyed. At closer investigation.. I realized the entire half of his face looked dead and lifeless. Fear settled in and we had him to the doctor in the morning. Come to find out he had Bells Palsy (think Rocky Balboa or Greta Van Susteran) which basically means they give that diagnosis when they have no explanation for the paralysis. He underwent blood tests, lyme disease drugs and an MRI, but still no real explanation. All I can say, is I am counting my blessings that movement came back only eight days later--especially after visiting all the worst case scenarios on the web. A parent's love is so heightened by crisis.. I'm just so grateful he's better.

At the end of that week, I cleaned out my purse and Nick cleaned my closet, and things began to look up.

And now my real reason for the Autumn blur.. Act I. We've been rehearsing three times a week since September and my life has not been my own. Though in all cliched honesty, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's been fun and rewarding and like last spring, a unique chance to get to know many different people in a new way. Again, it has been hard and certainly a stretch on my part, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the reward of directing. Show time is next week and even typing that made my stomach twist in nervous stress.

Cooking group is going strong. I always think it would be fun to document what we are eating but I never remember. I think this is year seven of being fed three times a week by a desperate housewife--other than myself. It is a bright spot in my day to know dinner is being delivered and I am rarely, rarely disappointed.

Once Christmas comes and goes, we will be getting Papin and Paul to redo our basement and kitchen. That last sentence is what gets me through the dark times. I literally cannot wait to get that ball rolling. Our kitchen has some charm, but I am so incredibly ready to drop-kick the 1940's cupboards. They have served long and served well and now deserve nothing short of a proper burial.

I am at such a standstill with my dining room/living room/library re-decorating project that I'm turning to Betsey Johnson for the answer. Is that desperation? All I know is I want black and white, green and the perfect pink, with a splash of turquoise, and every time I google that-- her name comes up, so I figure...? I dunno, for the first time in my life I find myself stuck in a decorator's purgatory with little sign of salvation in sight.

It seems that after teasing me for nine months with the "good" hair that results from the Brazilian Blowout, Jessica has decided to cut me off. Something to do with formaldehyde seeping into my scalp.

I don't really get it... if it can keep that stuff beautiful, shouldn't we all feel at ease?

In conclusion, I'm thrilled to report my kids have discovered Smurfs, my favorite cartoon when I was a tween. I had forgotten how they use "smurf" to replace every other noun or adjective so on that note...
"Right here right now, there is no other Smurf that I'd rather be!"
(weak, I know)


Jek said...

Loved the post, and I like Nick i have been anxiously waiting for a new one! thanks for the shout out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jennifer. Your Blog is just what I needed on this cold, gray day in Utah. (Also icey so I am not sure if I will make it to the mailbox). Talked to your Dad last night when he was watching The Three Stooges. What a change of pace he is finding himself in. Poor guy. The things that life throws us are not always fun. I hear you about the babies. At forty I was feeling it. Then, not too many years later, along came Jake followed by Cole, Dylan, Marisylle and Nathan. You are the best and I feel a kindred spirit with you. Love, Aunt Nancy

Jenni and Mitch Miller said...

Love this! And I'm just like you about making the bed! Mitch thinks I'm crazy when at 9pm I make the bed. It just...makes me feel like my life is in order. Little William is the cutest! I am hoping nd praying we can see you guys this month! Love you.

jill said...

Right now you're welcomed to come get little William, he hasn't slept much today and I want a nap, but, you have to take the both girls too (there's always a catch).

Enjoyed the post, your life has been one big whirlwind lately, I even feel it and I'm not you. Betsey Johnson might be just the thing for you! You never know! She might have a beautiful inspiration fabric.

I look forward to a time in the near future when I can help you with your decorating goal, it sounds like fun!

Alison said...

I've been 'stalking' your blog for a long time, and I think I should now "show myself" :)

Really, I do!

Keep up the good work. Reading it makes me happy.

You're awesome!

Since we're friends now, I probably should mention, I'm not a "bed maker". It's best to get that out in the open :)

VEGAS VIC said...

Great post. Loved reading it.

Anonymous said...

Love this post good read. I learned the bed trick from you and it does truly help, even if everywhere else is a disaster. I also love little will and could eat him alive or at least kiss his face off. He is so CUTE!!! Kel

Jayne Layne said...

That was like 8 posts in one. Cool. Fun to read. My poor bed doesn't get made too much anymore...

kh said...

Hi -- this is Krissy Howey in Vegas (Jill and Jessica's friend)...I fully admit to blog stalking on occasion. I hope you don't mind. What can I say-- I adore all the Millers and love reading updates.

So black and white...Travis' wife and I were just talking how stunning a room in black and white would be. We were at the fabric store and LOVED this b/w pattern called "Silhouette." It's gorgeous! It comes in turquoise too. May be a fun jumping off point?

I don't know if this link will work, but give it a shot:

kh said...

drat! I don't think that link came thru. Sorry. It was at Calico Corners. Email me if you'd like the real link. : )

Ann Marie said...

How did I miss this post?
Well.. here I am almost a month later.. and I still loved it.

Wondering how the production went.. and now you have me curious about this book...

Decorating? Remodeling? Can't wait to see it all! Bring it!!

Yes.. I am a bed maker too.

Merry Christmas my friend.
Love ya much.