Monday, November 29, 2010

Place of Love and Beauty
Two days before Thanksgiving, Mary and Chief were sealed in the Washington DC temple. It was a memorable and wonderful day filled with family and treasured moments.

Later in the day, we gathered at the old Seneca Schoolhouse for a fun night of delicious food, family trivia and a few surprises.

We were hoping for a huge family photo, and despite the rain--we got plenty!

Chief felt quite at home in the school marms post

19 grandkids with two on the way
(just kidding!)

One of the best parts of ALL was having all the Sedgwicks in town

Candles were lit, and there was a cozy fire in the pot belly stove, while Chief "schooled" us all with family trivia. When things got loud, he went ballistic with that bell. Honestly, my ears are still ringing from it!

As usual--fierce competition during the
"how well do you know your ancestors" game

Boxed dinners with "just married" favor

AMAZING food! gourmet all the way--WOW!
(roast beef sandwich, honey crisp apples, individual pumpkin pie with gingersnap crust, mix of nuts and dried fruit, turkey sugar cookies etc etc)

Chief surprised Mary with a new diamond ring and the kids
surprised them both with a trip to Isreal. Double wow!

Much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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Ann Marie said...

Oh.. this post makes me so happy I could cry! :) I had no idea that they had not been sealed. What an experience that must have been with all of the family.. in white together.

That school house makes me crazy jealous. The structure.. the woods surrounding it.. the desks.. I LOVE it.