Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life Bytes

I found this picture when I was sorting through the masses last weekend and thought it was funny enough to remember. Last fall Sandra and I went to Vegas for her photo shoot with Jennie. When I got home this was the kooky cake that greeted me. Ah Nicholas. I believe you.

Isn't she lovely. Come to find out this new friend of mine is actually my cousin. And not even a distant one. My dad and her grandpa are first cousins and I knew her great grandma Madge very well. It's crazy to think you can have family members in your backyard (Steve?) and not even know it! Sandra just released an amazing cd this week and when Jessica posted a link to it on FB a week or two ago, Aunt Nancy said, "you're related to her." We are all still reeling from the irony of it! We all took an immediate liking to each other this past year and this fun news sealed the deal! Her voice and persona are equally beautiful and her album is a must-have. Love ya Cuz!

A few months back Nick and I were discussing the evils of video games with Nicholas based on a great book, Boys Adrift, by Leonard Sax. It was a light hearted talk but sincere. A little while later he brought me this doodle with just the right amount of smirk on his face. Clever, clever. Lately he has reminded me so much of my brother, Mitch, it just blows me away. It's so crazy and nostalgic to see the same teenage expressions and funny/not-so-funny quips surfacing again.

Camille and Alexis had their first sleepover and darling little Nat couldn't make it just ordinary so she treated them to spa night.. pedi's, pampering, the works.

gotta do whatcha gotta do

the prisoner's playing Canon in D, Arabesque and Ballade so my methods aren't all bad

homeschool grub, made by the kid

Natalie makes cupcakes with the little people

neon smoothies

Banana in training-- lookin' good!


Jek said...

Love those! I'm glad I told u to grab the camera for the piano prisoner!! That was so hilarious to walk in that! He played there for awhile like that!

Ann Marie said...

Such fun things!

Your friend/cousin is beautiful! What fun to learn that you are related! :)

Of course I love your pictures.. and I lol when I saw your son strapped to practice!

Too awesome that is!!

Isn't it awesome to have a Natalie? I LOVE this age of my Tenney.. cooking.. babysitting.. helping.. nurturing.. it's AWESOME.

Too awesome for words.

Ann Marie said...

I guess Awesome is my favorite word today. Geez...

Brooke said...

that's so funny - she is my college dorm friend's sister .. what a small mormon world it is. :)

jill said...

Fun post!! I too loved to see Mitchell tied to his chair, love that boy! He is seriously good on the piano!! Loved seeing the cake that you told me about and Cousin Super Sandra! That Natalie, maybe I'll just take her for awhile, I know she'd move in with me if I asked. No offense or nothin.'

jill said...

I feel a new appreciation for Banana. Thanks for that! My bird niece has a piece of my heart.