Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime Splendor

Mom called to see if we'd come with them to check out a gorgeous neighborhood called Kenwood, where the cherry blossoms supposedly rival the show downtown. I still can't believe she and Dad are here--so awesome. Anyway, doesn't take much for me to pull the kids from school and the homeschool couch. Glad we did it; every street was absolutely gorgeous. The day was warm, nicely overcast and we had a fun time together. We loved the area and it's definitely worth another look.. hopefully we'll hit it up again this weekend with Mr. Man.

I love spring here..



Ann Marie said...

I want to visit Spring there so much and see all of those blossoms.. it hurts. But-- then I want to visit fall too-- and visit the most amazing Haunted Forest.


I'm sure I'll have to do both one day! :)

Soo happy your parents are close by serving. Blessings indeed!

VEGAS VIC said...

Yep, I am the ------- mom. Those pictures were great, and I love that we could all go together.