Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Again

Not a day goes by that I don't say, "I love my kitchen!" It's like stepping into a new outfit every single morning; I just feel cute in there. It was worth the wait and certainly worth the effort. We opted for marble countertops and beveled subway tiles which dressed it up just a bit.

After being told by literally every salesperson not to get the marble I went with my heart, yes I did. I have loved marble ever since I was a little and first noticed it on Grandma Katie's coffee table, so I went for it. Although there's already plenty of etching I don't really care. No regrets.

We kept our breakfast nook a breakfast nook but added custom seating and table and cabinets. It's so darling; I love the way it came together. I'm so glad we didn't turn it into a pantry.. I'm crazy about this charming little spot in the sun. We kept our painted floor--sort of my signature.. I've had it in every house so far and I just couldn't part with it. This time around it's more modern and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

I think one thing that literally transformed this space is the paneling. One day I was sitting at the table long before it was completed and couldn't wrap my mind around what color I would choose. Now that the rooms were combined it just felt like too much color--floor to ceiling. That's when Jayne piped in about the paneling. The two rooms now have a cohesiveness that wouldn't have existed without it.

Best idea ever was putting the fridge in the wall where the pantry closet used to be. This is what makes our kitchen feel spacious now--that, and of course taking the wall down and moving it two feet into the dining room. Frugal Freddy (nick) found it on ebay and drove to Ohio or somewhere to pick it up. We saved buckets of cash... so you bet it was worth the drive!

I love my apron sink and double dishwasher drawers. I was skeptical of those at first but now think they're brilliant! Unloading's a cinch and you never have to wait long for the dishwasher to fill up. Still searching for the perfect pendant lights.

Nick stained the dining room table dark and I reworked the hutch.. I love the plates that match the floor. All in all we are pleased as punch. One final touch which has changed my life is the overhead speakers in the kitchen. I can play the music as loud as I want.. and I do.


Ligia said...

I'm in love! So worth eating off of paper plates for months. Congrats on having your dream kitchen. I bet you sometimes want to sleep in there, huh?! I would :0)

Ann Marie said...

Ok.. I am starting over.

I LOVE-LOVE your kitchen!

It screams "Jennifer" to me.. and looks so clean, pretty and classy!

One of the things I love about you is that you know what you like and stick to it! -- One of the things that drives me crazy here in Utah.. is not a lot of people know what they like.. so they just do what everyone else does -- which leads to the same cookie cutter homes, colors and styles. Then.. they hate there house and colors after a year.. and want changes.
It drives me crazy!

* Rant over *

Anyways.. I have always been curious about Marble.. and I think it's awesome that you did what YOU wanted and LOVED!

Just the other day.. I was soaking in my tub.. looking at my bathroom.. and feeling so happy that I still find it dreamy and relaxing after remodeling it 2 years ago... and felt fortunate that we were able to do what we wanted.

Hope you have many fun and happy gatherings, eats and dancing in your beautiful space!

Kimmie said...

Thank goodness for Pinterest...I saw you had pinned your kitchen on Pinterest and I'm SO thrilled to finally see photos of your kitchen remodel in real life!!

I LOVE your sense of style and how you can pull off exactly what you want! Someday, hopefully, my home will be finished and I can post pictures of our finished project!

WOOT! SO sorry I've been out of the loop in blog land...lots going on and not enough hours in the day to do all of the things I would like to do!! Thrilled to be back in touch with you and to see all of the pretty, beautiful things in your life!

Your life inspires me greatly, especially what an amazing mom you are to your kids!!

jill said...

I LOVE your kitchen!!!!!!

Megan said...

It is simply fabulous! Nice work!