Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On my Pinterest page I named one of my boards "Funk Shui." I honestly thought I made it up to better define the style I am going for: funky that works. However, I just googled it and apparently someone beat me to it or maybe they got it from me? Anyway, I pinned lots of pages with little offbeat elements and I think I'm on my way to achieving a bit of funk shui in my own home. Of course, you can never say done, but here's what it is so far.

Once the kitchen got underway I literally took everything out of my living room except my green couch, piano and zebra chairs. A clean slate is where it's at.. my brain was on overload.

I love my Atlas Shrugged. Reminds me it could be worse when the day seems heavy.

This picture makes all my colors seem a little more artificial than they are, but you get the idea.

The curtains have cute little gold bees on them. I painted all of my chairs and settee in the library, then had them recovered to get the look I wanted.

This time around I really wanted some blue.. but wasn't totally ready to give up on pink and green. It's been so awesome having the kitchen blue. I've been able to use lots of turquoise and aqua accents throughout the downstairs and I think they work.

After painting the living room a neutral last year.. I realized I just couldn't handle living in no color so I chose a bright yellow and halfed it. It's been a fun change.

The pillows have never worked for me. I have two being made right now in a pretty cool sorta modern floral that incorporates most of my colors plus a titch of purple. We'll see...

I knew I wanted a lot of black and white. The finishing touch for me was the black and white striped rug--it really grounded the look. Also, I've been wanting a gallery wall and I'm happy with the way it turned out.. it looks clean and not overly busy which I like. Plus, it reminds me I have kids.

I'm sure this mantle is too much for some, but I just couldn't take anything down. My house my rules I guess.

I found this settee at Salvation Army and knew it would be perfect right here. It's a happy day when I drop something off to June--a little house-wife high when I get it back!

Ever since we built in the library, I had visions of black and white awnings here.. dream realized! They are definitely my favorite accessory.

Well... next to these guys.


Unknown said...

Just found your blog via a Pinterest pic of your kitchen. Oh my goodness, your house is awesome! It makes me want more color in my dull gray and white house. Next time we're out your way, I'm inviting myself for a tour :)
Hope you guys are doing well!
Kari Schriever

Ann Marie said...

You Funky girl!!

It all looks awesome!
Every detail is perfect.. and what fun colors!! Beautiful!!

I have LOVED seeing your house updates! Too much fun!

jill said...

This looks AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE your house!!!!

Kimmie said...

I have missed you Jennifer! We are remodeling our house right now and repainting our "brassy oak" cabinets. I found a really great color of a mossy green and we painted one cabinet and while it looked great on the color swatch, it looks like mint green on the cabinet. I really want a FUNKY colored home that speaks to me and thought colored cabinets would really set off my kitchen and tie in everything I have going on right now. However, we are NOT happy with the color (thank goodness we did a test run). SO, I remembered that my sweet friend Jennifer has the most BRIGHT, colorful and FUNKY home that I know (of which I LOVE) and I'm glad I came and browsed through your photos, because while you have a BRIGHT and colorful home, your kitchen cabinets and back-splash are ALL WHITE with colorful walls and color surrounding it. I think our dilemma has been solved. WHITE KITCHEN with lots of color all around (we are even taking our oak bar stools and painting each one a different bright color (orange, red, green and yellow)...I'm finally going to LIVE in the COLORFUL world I have always wanted to, but never had the courage to do until now). Better late then never!! Thanks for inspiring me more than you'll ever know or realize!! You're amazing and the best!!