Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Ahh, the first glimpse of Christmas!  Still magical for me.

Best Christmas moment goes to Natalie.  She had been begging for a phone for six months but we were adamant that wasn't happening until 8th grade.  She wasn't planning on it at all.  Nick found a beeping, toy phone at the dollar store which surprisingly looked and felt pretty real.  We wrapped it super nice and waited until the end and said there was one last special gift for our girl.  When she got past the tissue and spied the phone, she high pitched squealed and spazzed like a tween in a bear trap.  When she picked it up and the buttons started misfiring, and her foggy little brain had a chance to catch up to the fact she'd just been played, she chucked it full force across the room and pouted like Lucky just died all over again.

But never fear, there IS a Santa and he'd never stand for such cruelty on Christmas Day!

Oh Daddy, I don't really hate you!

Channeling Uncle Mitch

Some gifts just get better and better....

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