Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Snow made a fast but fleeting appearance!

 Neither Nick or I can stand sun on Christmas day; not one single ray should be seen.  So he now blacks out the dining room windows with black paper and snowflakes (kids job) so breakfast at least feels like it's gloomy outside and pretend snowy.

Somebody's gotta teach the kids to bake!

Traditional nativity play in Meemaw and Dedo's barn.  It's getting more and more shabby looking the older the kids get.  At least Aunt Natalie's costumes keep it real.

Fun Pj's from Meemaw and Dedo!  Every kid wears the # grandchild that they are.

This is my all time favorite night of the year.  Once the kids are in bed, we turn on the pretty music, set the breakfast table, pile up the presents, make it all look loverly and hang out by the fire with our cups of Pero and chocolate.  I literally love this night.  Totally gorgeous mood, clean house and zero chaos. 

I love you, Christmas Eve.

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Ann Marie said...

I went back and read all through your posts and loved each one. It felt like the good old days.
Inspired by word and sight.

Your house and children look beautiful!

I am so impressed with the tin foiled room. How much time did it take them to do that? Only inquiring for future reference...

Going to NYC looks dreamy! One day!!

It's a good thing you don't post your jewelry daily. I am such a sucker for that type of stuff. I swear I buy out ( and pay a lot more ) at Banana Republic and Maurices each month...