Monday, December 10, 2012


December Rules

This year for Mom and Dad's Christmas present we took them to "A Christmas Carol" at Ford's Theater.  I have yet to find anything that gets me more in the Christmas mood than this play.  I absolutely love it, and the kids pretend that they do too!  It literally gets me so happy.

I can't believe I basically have zero pictures of this NYC fun fest.  What a joke.  We took a girls trip with Mom (she's not even pictured!) and seriously had a blast--it was Mom's first time.  We stayed in a cute boutique hotel off of Times Square and saw "The Christmas Spectacular," ate at Carmine's, and shopped in Soho.  We all bought boots, stayed up late, did hair, swapped clothes, drank Starbucks and had an amazing few days together.  It was awesome to be with darling Jenni too, which doesn't happen nearly enough.

But even more important than all that was the Buffalo Lane find of the century.  Really only Jayne can appreciate this story but it's one for the BL history book for sure.  Jayne had been searching her little brain off online for this jade line we wanted but COULD NOT LOCATE no matter what.  Pretty much a solid six months of searching for it.  None of the street vendors were ever helpful when we were in NY in the past, and every other lead from online vendors never materialized into anything. So before we left Soho for the day, Jayne gave it one last try. She got real close to a nice little Asian kid with a severe underbite working his parents' table, and asked, "Now.. where do you get these?" pointing to the jade line.  "Oh," he said "right over on 35th and10th."  Freaking bingo!  And it was over just like that. The next day we finally figured out where the NYC jewelry mecca had been hiding itself and we've been lovin' it ever since.  Thanks nice boy; I really hope someone fixes your jaw. : (

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