Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One Day More

Our last day and 1/2 in the islands was pretty fun.  We went to sort of a tropical petting zoo in St. Thomas.  I really love approaching every place by water--so cool and different. Though our crappy dinghy was the cause of more than one cuss word on my part. Part of the adventure, Nick would say.
Mitchell about died over the birds--I swear it might have been the highlight of the whole week for him. Touching a shark was cool, too.  I had no clue they'd feel like sandpaper.  And the iguanas were like pigeons.. swarming all around you for a crumb of food.  It was unnerving and freaky, really.

Back at the boat it was time to pack up and get things in ship-shape (seaman lingo)!  Natalie and I walked into St. Thomas and ate lunch at an authentic Caribbean joint (not great) and shopped a bit.  Then while Ma and Pa cleaned and loaded gear, the kids paddled over to a little island next to the marina.  I couldn't believe all the gorgeous conch shells they came back with--they were amazing and flawless.  I'm still mad we didn't bring any of them back.

So long sailboat.. you've been good to us.

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